Google Rofous GIS MM Interview Questions – How to Crack the Interview

Google Rofous GIS MM Interview Questions – How to Crack the Interview

Rofous LogoGoogle Rofous GIS MM Interview Questions for GIS and Map Maker(MM) Job Aspirants.

I’ve been receiving tons and tons of requests from my visitors requesting to provide the Interview Questions of both Client Round and Consultancy Rounds in Rofous and Google so that they can clear the Interview with ease. I’ve Planned to write this article before 2 Months, Since then I’m unable to complete it because of many reasons. The main reason is lack of Time. Finally I decided to complete this article today. I’m very glad that i was able to complete this article and I really hope this article should help hundreds of students to clear their Interviews and get Job.

Google Rofous GIS MM Interview Questions

Google India logoThere are totally 5 Rounds the candidate should clear to get the Job. So we’ll see the complete procedure and Interview Questions round by round.

Round 1: JAM

JAM Stands for “JUST A MINUTE SESSION”. Every Candidate will be given 60 minutes to express their thoughts on the given topic. In some cases the topics are given by the Interviewer itself and in some cases he’s asking to choose the candidate his own topic. I was able to gather some JAM Topics for you. Here are they:

JAM Topics:

  1. Indian Education (Vs) Foreign Education Which is better?
  2. Women Empowerment.
  3. Your Most Memorable Moment in your college days.
  4. Your Favorite Book or Movie.
  5. Corruption.
  6. Social Media (Facebook and Twitter).

These are some of the Topics, All the Topics given are general so be thorough with general topics.

Important Note: These Topics are also asked in the Essay Writing Round. So gather as much information as you can. It will be useful for you.

Things Interviewer Look at:

Interviewer will solely look for “Good Communication Skills” rather the subject you speak on the topic. Even if you don’t know anything, Speak What ever you know Clearly and Crisply. You’ll get selected.

Round 2: Written Test + Essay Writing

Once you clear JAM, You’ll be asked to take a Written Test followed by Essay Writing. The Written can be Online or Offline. You should be Prepared for any of it.

Topics in Written Exam:

These are the Topics which you need to prepare for Geography.

  • Geography. (Questions are Listed Below)
  • Logical Reasoning.
  • English Grammar.(Sentence Correction, Meanings, Fill in the Blanks with appropriate Verbs)
  • Paragraph Decoding. (You’ll be given a Paragraph with 5 Questions, You need to answer them).
  • Essay Writing. (General Topics, Topics are same as JAM in many Cases).

Round 3: Personal Interview

Once you clear the Written Test, You’ll be allowed for Personal Interview. In this Personal Interview they’ll ask you about yourself, your academics, etc. It’s just like a HR Round.

Some Questions from Personal Interview:

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. Why is your academic percentage less?(If Less)
  3. What do you know about this role? (GIS or MM)
  4. How much salary are you expecting?
  5. Why are you Interested in Job?
  6. Do you have any work Experience?
  7. Where do you see yourself 5 Years from Now?
  8. Upto How many years you’ll work for us?
  9. Why Should i select you?

These are some general questions, make sure you prepare answers for the questions. These Questions can also be asked in the Google Client Round.

Round 4: Orientation Round.(No Elimination)

Once you clear the above 3 rounds, You’ll receive a call for the Orientation Round. In this Orientation round, they’ll train you on how to clear the Client Rounds in Google. They’ll explain you everything about Job Profile. They’ll show you some demos on Google Maps. They’ll show you how you should prepare for Interview, What are the Concepts you need to concentrate in Preparing etc. This just a Orientation round and there is no elimination in this round.

Client Rounds in Google:

Round 1: Written Test + Essay Writing.

In this round you will take a online written test and a essay writing. Essay writing topics are general as said above. In the Written Test You need to Concentrate more on Logical Reasoning and English.

Topics to Prepare:

  • Critical Reasoning.
  • Mathematical Reasoning.
  • Arithmetic Problems.
  • Verbal Reasoning.
  • Reading Comprehension.
  • Data Sufficiency.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Logical Reasoning.
  • About Google. (Know about Google’s Products and Services)

Note: Questions on Blood Relations, Number Series, Simple Interest, Boat Problems, Time, Distance, Velocity are the Important Concepts.

Round 2: HR Round in Google Office

The Last and the Most Important round is this round. See the detailed Questionnaire below.

For MM Role – No Questions on Geography will asked.(But, Learn the basics on the safe side). Mostly, Only Communication skills will be tested.
For GIS Role – Strong Knowledge in Geography is MANDATORY.

Interview Questions in Geography(Mainly for GIS Role):

  • Everything About India.(States, Capitals, Union Territories etc).
  • States and Capitals from North America, South America, Europe etc(Byheart atleast 5).
  • Concentrate more on North America and South America.
  • All Countries Capitals.
  • All Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Seas.
  • 7 Wonders of the World.(OLD and New)
  • All Continents(Biggest and Smallest).
  • Atleast 5 Countries from Each and Every Continent.
  • Latitudes, Longitudes, Islands, etc.
  • Countries Passing through Equator, Above Equator, Below Equator.(Very Important).

For all the above details refer sites like

More Questions:(Mainly for MM Role and also Mandatory to learn for GIS Role)

  1. What do you know about Google?
  2. Google Founders and their History.
  3. Learn about atleast 10 Google Products.
  4. Learn about atleast 10 Google Services.
  5. What is Google Maps?
  6. What is Google Earth?
  7. Difference between Google Maps and Google Earth?
  8. Advantage of Google Earth when compared with Google Maps?
  9. All Concepts in Google Maps.(Places/Lines/Dots/Water/Terrain etc).

There are the Question I’ve gathered. If you’ve more questions, inform us so that we can add them to the list.

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402 Responses to "Google Rofous GIS MM Interview Questions – How to Crack the Interview"

  1. Sir, can you roughly tell me the package for GIS and MM? Can a candidate apply for both simultaneously or do they assign candidates for a particular process?

    1. Hello Tushar, They’ll assign you the role based on your performance in JAM. Salary for GIS and MM is almost same. Rs. 12,000 – Rs. 15,000 Per Month.

      1. hi bharath.. i completd my graduation this year.. i passed but im yet to receive my final year original memo.. in d mean time im going for GIS intervw.. i hav my final year internet memo.. after geting selected will this b a problem not having original graduation memo?

          1. Hi Bharath, i completed my in 2011 and looking for good job.can i crack interview at google. what would be your suggestion for my career?

            1. Hello Bindu, If You’re looking at a Part Time Job then this is a Good Option. I don’t recommend this job for a Long Term Career.

      1. hi bharath,
        Glad to see that u r helping lots of guys in right direction well i m working in google and i want to tell u some crispy solution,for clearing hr round in google everyone must have some innovative ideas like if hr will ask if i will give u chance to edit in one of the google product so which google product u will choose and what edit u will do or they can even ask you some puzzles,they just want to see how u approach to solution whether it is right or wrong next very imp thing is you should have avery good grip on google map like different colour shows different things so everyone should knw abt it and everyone should have to be very choosy in telling hobby coz surely everyone get a question about hobbies before giving interview everyone have to think i m going for a simple chit chat then u will feel mch relax and cool after all google is a cool company and it always look for cool buddies so wishing all of u best of luck thats all about my side and these jobs is having both day and night shift but night shift is not for girls ..

      1. I Have done my M.B.A (Finance) and Looking For The Job In any M.N.C…Kindly Reply For which company i can give the walk-in- interview as soon as possible.

  2. Hello Sir, what is Desired Qualification for the Posts of “GIS” and “MM”.
    I completed my B.Tech-Biotechnology, please let me know am I eligible for this post and what kind of jobs can i apply in MNC’s?

  3. Sir, can you please be kind enough and tell me what kind of questions they ask for QA for HR round in Google office? The last round for a QA candidate. Please be kind enough sir and share it

    1. Hello Tushar, Unfortunately I don’t have the Questions. I’m trying to gather them once i’m successful in gathering I’ll inform you.

  4. Hello sir,

    I got shortlisted to Rofous Company in the on campus held in our college.Can I know will the written test and interview are conducted immediately after orientation round and what are the position they are goona give for the candidates shortlisted from different colleges……..

  5. Dear Sir,I’m a 2012 passed out.I’ve completed my B.Tech in Information Technology and secured a cgpa of 65%. I’m looking for a good job (preferably in my field)under two conditions.

    1.The job location should be in Chennai.

    2.The salary should be greater than 20k because i have some personal commitments.I hope you understand what that means,

    Kindly give your suggestion and idea.

    1. Hello Ravi, There are many openings in Chennai. We’re not publishing every opening because of lack of time. Search in other job portals. There are hundreds of jobs in Chennai which fulfills the above criteria you mentioned.

    1. Hello Tanuj, Mostly Aptitude and Reasoning and Questions in General Knowledge and Geography. If you’re thorough with the list of Questions mentioned in the article then you can easily clear the online test.

  6. Hi bharat i cleared all 3 rounds of rofous(1st jam,2nd written test & 3rd F 2 F) After done with 3 rounds i fill the selected candidates details form on computer and then they told me that i have to wait till they get the conformation from the google…So i need to know how much true it is?Even dont know when can i expect the call….thank u

    1. Hello Monika, If you’re rejected in the consultancy itself then you can attend once again. But If you’re rejected in Google then you need to wait for 6 Months.

  7. Hello sir!

    I have finished 3 rounds in rofous Jam, Written and Hr on may 28th. Till now I din’t receive any call from them about remaining rounds in google. can I know information regarding that?

  8. Hello Bharath
    I got selected for GT process through a consultancy,i have submited documents for background check also.
    I just want to know whether i can try for QA process from other consultancy n does QA process require night shifts?

      1. Thanks for your reply.
        Actually I got selected for GT through Serco and have submitted documents for background check.
        But now I want to attend interview in Rofous for QA process.
        If I get selected for QA, can I reject this offer from Serco and accept offer for QA?
        Iam asking this because i dont want to be in trouble for attempting for 2 processes at the same time…..
        Please reply

        1. Hello Naz, You can reject the Offer from Serco If you’re selected. That’s not at all a Problem. But, I suggest you not to do this because, You may get your joining date within 15-20 days since background check is already started. For Completion of QA Interview It may take even 2 months. So It’s merely waste of time for you. Also If you get selected, You should say NO to Serco before your joining date Arrives. Saying No After joining date will be a issue. You can always reject the Joining Letter, But it may cause a Problem in some cases.

    1. Hello Keerthi, I don’t know exactly but what i can say is Map Maker role is all about Marking Places in the Map. If you’re not good in Geography then go for MM otherwise go for GTL/GIS.

        1. Hello Keerthi, Even salary will be more in HCL. If i’m not wrong It’s 1.8Lakhs. If you don’t have any problem speaking hours in Phone then go for HCL Tech Support. It’s a Tough Job when compared to MM. But HCL Technical Job has more career growth when compared to MM. After working for 18 Months in HCL Technical Support, You can get converted to IT.

          My Advice: HCL TECHNICAL SUPPORT.

  9. Hello sir,
    i am done with my MCA in 2012 with 70%
    BCA again with 70%
    In 12th it was 55%
    In 10th it was 70%
    Am i eligible by anymeans and should i loose hope for top IT COMPANIES because of my 12th grades. Is there any thingh which you can suggest me. Right now i am doing training as an Social Media Optimizer..

  10. Hello Bharath,
    Appreciate the way u r helping jobseekers.
    I have done my MS(Electrical Engineering) from uk 2010 passed out,
    Could you plz suggest me…am i eligible???
    Could you also let me knw are the recruitements going on just for GIS/MM or for QA also


    1. Hello Suresh, Thank You. You’re eligible for this Suresh. Here are some of the jobs you can try for.

  11. sir,i completed B.Tech in i eligible to this job…??? i have backlogs too…..
    and what is the starting salary in GIS and MM role…??

  12. hello Bharath sir,,
    i have completed my in computer science with agg 65% but having only 2 backlogs
    12th with 52%
    10th with 56%
    suggest me something plz,, i am totally confused about jobs,,, its so needed….
    my marks are low but i am fast,, good learner and team player,, having positive attitude…
    i can make decision fast and relevant…………suggest me what to do……..thanx

    1. Hello Ravinder, First you need to clear those 2 Backlogs. Once you clear all those backlogs You’ll get the eligibility for Wipro. Wipro is the Only TOP MNC for which you’re eligible. If you’re interested in BPO Jobs then I can suggest you many.

  13. hello sir,
    i am 2012 fresher ,i selected for the rofous at campus itself, but they tell that u have to attend for the cleint interview when we call you tii today i didn’t get any call.what can i do?i am selected in the may. please help me what is the status?

    1. Hello Ashok, Please Contact your TPO and ask him for the status. He’ll get in touch with Rofous and they’ll inform you the status.

  14. sir i got a job in TECH AVENUE INFO SYSTEMS which is at panjagutta do u have any idea about that company……. plz i am waiting for ur rply…….its a small company of 25 employees….. so plz once….

  15. hello sir,
    i have completed my BTech in 2010 with 61%.please tell me the walkin details of rofous..and how many rounds they are conduct.

  16. hi sir i have registered in tata consultancy service i have selected my name title as mrs instead of ms.i can’t change that .please help me to change that

    1. Hello Sindhu, Yes You can. But Why? You can attend one by one. Don’t get yourself into trouble. If you’re not selected by one consultancy then go for the other.

  17. Hello Bharath,

    I am a B.Tech 2010 passed out, finished training in Oracle DBA.I have been adviced by many to relocate to bangalore to search for a job.i enquired and came to know that vault consulting hire for Oracle.Please let me know your opinion( should i relocate or attend rofous for time being).Also kindly share info if possible about my chances of getting job in an MNC in bangalore.


    1. Hello Divya, If Vault Consulting can give you a Job in Oracle then It’s best, because the growth in Rofous is less when compared to the Oracle Job. Relocate Only If Vault Consulting can give you a Job.

  18. hello sir is dere any interview whch is going on koandapur wat king of post is dis interview ? is it stil going r nt ?infrm plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Hello Samntha, Interviews are going on near Kondapur. Interviews in Omega B Google Office only for Shortlisted Candidates. You need to get shortlisted from Consultancy so that you can attend it.

  19. Hello Sir,
    I have completed the first 3 rounds in Rofous. they told me that you will get a call from rofous.when i will get a call from rofous that i can attend for further rounds.Could you please Clarify my doubt

  20. hello sir

    my name is nagendra.i have good knowledge about computers.but i cant speak english properly..because i am studying at government school .but my aim is software engineer .

    then how can i overcome my problem .plz tell me ..

    i have passed degree 71% in 2012 .plz tell me which company suites me..

    thank u

  21. hieeeeeee bharath…………i completed my b-tech(cse) in the yr 2011…..n nw iam wrking for google ……my qustion is that,,,, iam planng for my mba..but confused to select vch branch in mba….soooo i juz need ur valuable suggestion….regarding particular branch n itz future……hoping for ur rplyyyy

    1. Hello Nikil, If you need high salaries then Finance and Marketing are the Options for you. If you need a happy life with Average Salary then go for “HR”. Selecting a group depends on many other factors so consider all factors and choose carefully. Don’t make a wrong move here.

  22. bharth can u plz tell me which is better consultancy.rofus,serco,redefining careers.

    i got selected in redefining careers.

    whether i have to join or not

    wat is the future if i came out of google.

    plz help me out

    1. Hello Nawin, Since You’re selected Go with Redefining Careers. Join in your Job. Coming to future, This job don’t have a huge growth both interms of Position and Salary. If You become a GIS Developer then you will awesome future. Your Present role is to mark the locations etc. But, If you become a GIS Developer then You’ll be person who will design maps. There are some Great companies like Bing Maps, Blackberry Maps etc.

      Don’t take this as a Career Option, Just take it as a Part time Job where you’ll earn some salary. In the mean while do some good courses and change your Industry. You’ll get both money and experience. Don’t loose this job 🙂

        1. First You need to attend in any consultancy like Rofous or Serco. Once You’re shortlisted You’ll be able to attend Further rounds in Google.

      1. Hi Bharath,
        I have completed MBA(HR) in 2012 thru icet.We do not have campus placements.Pls suggest me if there are openings for HR freshers in any of the mnc’s…….

        1. Hello Sana, Right Now there is no active recruitment for the HR Position. For Future Updates to be delivered to your email, Subscribe to our updates.

  23. Hello Sir,

    I have already been selected for Infosys, but joining date is after a year. My question here is, should I go for Google job, if get selected, as i am supposed to go for an interview now.

  24. hey mr.bharath…this is juenna frm hyderabad, 2012, cse,fresher with an aggregate of 70% nd 89% in 12th,,85% in 10th!!..plz suggest appropriate walk ins for me..willing to work only for day hyderabad only!!..awaiting ur reply!

    1. Hello Juenna, Here are some jobs that might interest you.

    1. Hello Satya, Yes Both are almost same. GTL stands for “Ground Truth …” I exactly don’t remember. Some one answered this in comments. SO Check it out.

  25. SIR ,
    some said they will gives the job in google gis/mm jobs on some money and they give me two pages questins ?..
    from that questions i realised that questions are the PRINT OUT of U R suggestons above top of the page ,
    can i believe them or not please tell?

  26. heyy …are the intrvw for GIS still on??
    i heard it is closed is it true??
    and i cleared 3rd round n filled the form ..but they dint call me yet for other cleint rounds..they said thel call…plz rply asap..thnx

  27. hello sir

    Greetings ….

    i have done PGDM in marketing and international business.and now i have more then one and half year experience in online hard core sales and marketing .rightnow i am working with google associate networking co .plz suggest how i can make apporach for google jobs .

    Warm regards-

  28. hello sir,
    this s Rehana
    i’ve done the consultancy round in rofous in may,which was held at our college..
    could u tell me.when will i have other rounds ,i mean Google’s client round??

    one more thing sir,i need ur suggestion
    that i ‘ve secured good marks(,12-78%,10-77%) and i’m comfortable vth my communication skills and i’m good at programming skills too.only thing is ,my family s not strong financially to send me hyd for job trails and ,my interest is to get into software field and suggest me some search sir..
    i’ll be thankful to u sir

    1. Hello Reha, Right Now You’re in Which Location? Regarding Further Rounds in Google, You need to contact Rofous and You’re Passed Out in which year?

  29. Hi bharath…..i have been regulary following your posts from a year now…..i am working in a Gis company in Navigation deptt as a geo analyst….and have 1 yr 6 months experience….what salary should i expect at google…and are the openings still going on…

    1. Hello Nitin, Openings in GIS are still going on, But I don’t think they’ll offer more salary to you since they’re not hiring experienced candidates. Once the Recruitment is rolled out for Experienced Candidates then you can try for Google. As i said always, there is no growth in this job so i don’t recommend it to you Nitin.

  30. Bharath do u have any idea about Gallop Solutions in Jubliee hills, hyd.which is meant for purely testing and what do u think if i joined in that company,do i have a career growth??

    suggest me plzzz

  31. Thanks for the advice….can you suggest me some other openings in gis….
    Basically i am a btech graduate..and currently doing course in Arcojects in .net along with the job…can i apply for google in development domain once i am done with the course…or can u tell me the names of some companies which i can apply for gis developmnt….

  32. Hello Bharath,

    I had joined engineering(regular) and after 2nd year did Distance) and pursued M.B.A (Regular), then completed my engineering this year 2012. Am i eligible for this post?

    1. Hello Saajan, I’m not sure whether you’re eligible or not. Go to Rofous Office and contact them. If You’re eligible then you can attend the Interview then and there itself.

  33. sir i hav cleared 3 round of rofous in the campus dirve at our clg
    recruitment is for GIS and it is counducted on MARCH 2012
    they said dat they will mail us wen to attend the next 2rounds at google
    but still we didnt recevied any mail from them

    and i came to know that GIS recruitment is going on
    can i expect a call to attend the client round
    during GIS recruitment

  34. hi sir…v hve been selected fr gis process on march 14 th at kite clgg…still nw v hvent got a call frm rophus fr final rounddddd..whn can v expect the call sir v r frm 2012 btech pssouts….whn v ringd at thm nw the rophus guys said presently no gis openingsss…whn can v expect a call frm thm sir???

  35. Hi! I wanna know whether there are openings for GIS position.. kevin is saying that he was told that there are no GIS openings at present even though they’re selected..but bharath you are saying that the interviews for GIS are still going on…which one is true?? Can i walkin for an interview tomorrow in rofous? They aint pickin up the call…to ask them whether i’ve to go!!! Pls suggest me…

    1. Hello Sravani, I don’t think recruitment is closed. After seeing Kevin’s Comment I’m asking everyone to go to the venue and get this confirmed. You can see the same in my Latest Comments. Mostly the recruitment is still active, as said I’m not sure.

  36. Hi Bharath i like to appreciate you for your patience for answering all the queries great job dude.
    I too have a query, it is that I need to know to which companies am eligible to and their address !!!!!! my educational marks are 65.2 % –, 75.9 – inter & 78 -ssc am intrested in working for tech support and software side jobs.. soo please do suggest me the companies am eligible for and their address in hyd. Thank you 🙂

    1. Hello Harikesh, You’re eligible for 90% of the Companies in Hyderabad. You’ve good percentages so try for software jobs instead of Tech Support. Regarding Walkins and address I’m not updating each and every job, so rely on other job sites for these details.

  37. hi bharath

    i got selected for GT for google in jam round conducted by serco on 19th of this month and still not received a call, i went for a walk in, and don’t hav their number to call and ask, i couldn’t get the serco madhapur office details online even. can u help.

      1. hiii bharath i just given my mba exams and awaiting for my resutls till now i have scored 65%,ssc 74%, intermediate 74.43%, bcom(comp) 60%.In mba i have choosen finance as major and marketing as minor subjects. pls suggest me the companies where the interviews are going and one more query iam i eligible for google if iam eligible suggest me best consultancy to attend the interview for google.

  38. Preethi Singhaniya · Edit

    Hello Bharath,
    I am 2012 passout BTech.I wish to attend inetrview for Rofous.Please do let me know if registration is required or not.

  39. hello sir…….i got selected for the serco …….n they said there will be 2 more rounds…but till now there is no reply from them………will u plz tell me the details of serco

  40. Hi Bharat
    I completed my post graduation diploma in management from a B- School in chennai , 2011 pass out with 60% aggregate.
    Prior to that i did my engineering in the stream of electronics and communication with 66.17%
    I worked in the field of sales and marketing for around 9 months and am looking for a change in the industry now.
    Can you please suggest me a job in hyderabad which is a day shift?

  41. hi bharath,this is sneha. on july 16 i’ve shortlisted in serco company and role is ground thruth.they said that they’ll mail within 2 days about the date and venue of next round.but till now i did not recieve any mail..i’m very much intrested for working in google company so please tell me.will they call me or not for next round..please sir..

  42. Bharath do u have any idea about Elico ltd in sanathnagar, hyd.which is meant for healthcare services and my role is AR callers what do u think if i joined in that company,do i have a career growth??
    suggest me plzzz

  43. Hey Bharath,
    I just wanted to know whether the Interviews are still On for GIS and MM posts. I tried calling up the Consultancy but in vain. There wasn’t any response.


  44. hellooo sir…good noon. Am a B-Tech fresher from stream computers . I first n foremost thank you for responding immediately for our queries.
    Sir, I was preparing to the post GIS in google from 20 days n now am ready to attend the rounds.
    I know only the details of what is required but not venue n procedure to apply.
    Can you please help me out in this in complete along with the contact number n all the details required. Hope you reply me soon.
    Thanking You sir.

  45. hellooo sir…good noon. Am a B-Tech fresher from stream computers .I know only the details of what is required for GIS but not venue n procedure to apply.
    Can you please help me out in this in complete along with the contact number n all the details required. Hope you reply me soon.

  46. hi! i hav attended the interview at google for the post of mm through serco but unfortunately couldnt clear d last round…can i apply fr other posts at google though rofous? or wen can i re apply?

    1. Hello Priyanka, Since you failed in the client round you’ll need to wait for 6 Months to Re-apply. Trying through another consultancy is OK, But it’s risky. Proceed ahead if you ready to face it.

  47. rofous had recruited students for gis in many colleges
    but why they are not calling them.
    and they are recruiting directly

    any one who are selected at college campus by rofous can say
    dat waiting for rofous call i a good one
    or just loose hopes on it

    1. Only your TPO can help you in this Issue. I’m really wondering, Why are you waiting for the call. Directly go to office and attend the recruitment once again from the first round.

    2. Hi ,
      I have selected in gis process conducted in my college.I got a mail 4 days bak to attend for a discussion on nxt rounds on nov 14th.actually i hav lost my hopes on it.nw im happy to receive d mail after 6months…….hope u vl receive it too…..

    1. Hello Ranjith, I’m not aware of the Present Recruitment status. Please call rofous and confirm the same.
      Contact Numbers:

  48. Sir am a srilankan who has finished a BScIT degree at coimbatore,tamilnadu,india,…
    sir can’t i get a job in india/google with my qualifications and with my nationality ?

    1. Hello Maxlin, I’m not aware of this Nationality Issue, Can you directly Contact Rofous? Give a call to them, If it doesn’t work go to their office and talk to the HR.

  49. hi bhrath.. i am a b.pharma graduate.. i completed it in 2010.. then after i joined as a medical representative ina leading mnc pharma company.. i have 2 years of axperiance… can i apply for gis in google.. will they consider my profile.. plz guide me

  50. hello sir.. is der any openings nw? m in mtech 2nd year… so can i go fr dis job??? bcoz my all originl certificates r in my colg.. so plz guide me sir.. i want to do dis job as a part time base..

    1. Hello Sandeep, Yes You can apply on your Graduation Qualification. Don’t say them you’re Pursuing M.Tech. I’m not sure about the Present Recruitment Status. Do enquire it yourself.

  51. i am a b.e (ece) with this gis process is a developer job in google.or is there any job 4 b.e in google? .i m very much interested to work 4 to apply n for what position should i dere any consultancy which hire 4 google.please reply me…i am knowledge in c n java…

  52. Hi Bharath.
    I’ve completed all the rounds which are conducted at rofous and I have the final round at Google tomorrow ,so I need to know what are the job responsibilities for MM process and also I need tips and suggestion how to crack the interview and also what type of questions will the HR ask.
    Thanks in advance.

  53. hi bharath dis is sreelakshmi i completed my mca 2006 after iam working a small it org.
    i have 2.8 Years(2006-2009) Experience in the Software Development with the java
    after maternatiyleave for stop the job now iam re enter the job how to prepare cover letter resume. which companies i search …pls reffer me

    1. Hello Sree Lakshmi, You can apply for Jobs in All Major Companies. Regarding Cover Letter, It will take a lot of time to prepare a cover letter based on your resume. I don’t have a template now. I’ll send it to you once i’ve it.

  54. Hi Bharath ..i like to appreciate you for answering all the queries great job i received call from randstand for face to face interview ,after that i recieved message regarding written test in randstand consultancy on monday , so can you plz tell me how to clear written test.

      1. Hey Bharat, Are the interviews going on at rofous for GIS? I cald them but there was no response i like to attend it on monday.. Pls let me know.. Wat abt QA at google? Im a btech 2011 passout with 60% am i eligible?? How will be the future prospects for it? Please let me know.. Thnx

    1. Hello Yugandhar, Interviews will be going on, but there will be no Vacant positions in Google. They’ll inform you once they have vacant positions.

  55. i want rofous consultancy website address…pls give that website details and i want to know,still interviews are going on are not??? pls i really wanna work for google….pls give reply as soon as possible

  56. actually i attended for rofous 10 days back…..2 rounds i cleared….they told dat they vl make a call… stil i didnt got…….may i knw the reason…..?

  57. hai Bharath…can u plz tell me abt the gk n geography section which will be asked at rofous as well as at google and more abt the written exam…coz im going to attend interview for QA at rofous in the next week

  58. Hello sir, currently I am working at amazon as associate but not satisfied with the job, also I am B. tech cse 64% 2009 passpout, I was thinking of google GIS or MM but very confused with career options, please guide me.

    1. NO, Google is not a Good Option. Amazon is much better Place. You can get promoted to even Ops Manager in Amazon. If you’re in Email Support and don’t like it then try Phone Support. According to me Amazon is a much better option. If You get a software job then leave this Support job.

  59. Dear Bharath,

    You are doing a wonderful job by giving good suggestions.

    Is there openings at Rofous for Google now.
    Can I attend for the interview.

    Sikandar Khan.

  60. Hi bharath…my question is is here any growth in gis process…because hr at rofous told us that there is every chance of promotion from analyst till sr.manager

  61. Ashutosh Srivastava · Edit

    Hi Bharath ,

    I am Ashutosh Srivastava, working with Magic software , Noida .As

    a Software quality Engineer , looking forward into more core Technical field .
    I am 2012 pass out B.Tech IT with 70 % with ISTQB Certification (Foundation Level) and Software testing trainnig from Pure Testing , noida .

    If their i some place with suites My profile in Your organisation

    Please Let me Know .I can travel / relocate My self 100%.

    Please find my attached resume.

    Looking forward for your favorable reply.


    Ashutosh Srivastava
    QC Engineer ,
    Magic Software .

  62. Hi bharath..I got selected for Gt process in google…I heard that there are openings in java for pvk consultants.Do u have any idea about that company.And will there be any growth


    1. Hello Jhonty, I’ve no great idea on Redefining Careers. Openings will exist only in certain period in the given year. But Multiple times. It all depends. There will be written once again in Google Sometimes when the recruitment is less. Normally if they have more openings then no Written, Only Interview.

  64. Hello Bharath,

    I have attended Rofous interview on Friday. He told me that i would get a call for the further rounds with in 10 to 15 days. Shall i expect a call from them or else they said simply????

  65. Hello Bharat,

    I was completed my BTech in Biotechnology in the year 2012 with 7.4 CGPA.I want to apply for GSI is it better or i will go for some other option. Suggest me please…..

  66. Hello bharath,
    I appreciate you for the suggestions you are giving to the candidates like me.
    I’ve completed my (CSE) in 2012 with an aggregate of 71. I couldn’t find any jobs in my core side. I need a job desperately. I attended Rofous and cleared 3 rounds. I have orientation on feb 4th. If i join in rofous, will it affect my future.? Or is it possible if i join and work for an year and jump into my core side.?
    hoping a reply, Thanks in advance.

    1. Samanth, Since You’re CSE Your core side is software development. So Join in Rofous and bond is for 6 months, while working search for the jobs. You’ll find a better job. It’s better to join somewhere instead of waiting for what you like.

  67. Hello Bharath…
    I am BTech Biotechnology 2012 pass out with 7.4 CGPA and i also have a first class career. Google GIS or MM is better option for me or another.I want to start my career with a good organization and continue for a long time. What should be better for me……Kindly suggest me.

      1. Thanks for your response Bharath….What i have to do for it how can i get vacancy….Is it a permanent or temporary type job…and how much salary i will get…as for your knowledge….Do you have any contacts then tell me…..I will try….

  68. Hi bharath,this is aditya.I got into a big trouble.Actually i got selected from college as an ad word representative in Google through V3 staffing solutions.But there was no response from them till now and not even offer letter about the job confirmation.So i went to rofous and cleared all the rounds and then went to Google on 25th Jan for final interview and i got selected there for GT process.Now the college people have called me for final assessment of Google interview for ad word.Can i attend the interview or not.Please reply as soon as possible.My final interview for ad word representative is on 6th Feb,2013.

    1. Aditya, Google Adwords will have a better Future than Google GT, So go for the Interview and clear it and then reject the GT Offer and join as Adwords Representative.

  69. hello sir i have completed my btech passed 2010…i have already attended for rofous and cleared 4 rounds and also final round in google main campus i.e on march 3rd 2012 and till now i din’t get reply….im interested in gis process is there oppurtunity for me to attend rofous please suggest me

  70. hi bharath…
    i completed my degree bbm, so, i want to attend the google interviews in rofous consultency
    what is the meaning of gis and mm? which is better? if i get select, then i will be call a google employee or rofous employee? google will give work experience certificate? please tell me clearly…

  71. Hello Bharath, i have a doubt., what is a NDA form.?? I’ve done wid the client’s round also., they said the results will be out on this thursday., mean while the rofous people asked to come there and sign on NDA form., please clear the doubt.,
    Thanks in Advance..,

      1. sir i want to get in google company. and i know about the rounds i have to get through at rofous. but the thing is am not good at geograpic questions so can u plz help me out.

        1. I’ve given all the Questions in Geography which might be asked. Prepare well in those mentioned sections and You’ll definitely crack the interview.

  72. Heloo


    I need One clarification about this Job

    My Question : weather This Job is valuable to me For my future aspects and Growth in learning and productivity?

    I had secured
    X- 71%
    Presently I finished PGDGI(PG- Diploma In Geoinformatics) From CDAC-Pune and awaiting for oncampus Placements.
    Should I make a try over there or Will you please refer me Some gud One!! I have hand on experience in Most GIS software and I had Done project (biogeowiki) {a Webgis application}: Display Map using Web map server with wcf,wms and google maps API.

  73. hi bharath
    i am passed out..can i attend the interview in there any walk-in’s are goin on……..please reply me sir…

  74. hello bharath….do u knw about any other openings other than google.I got 68% in my 10th standard ,77.5% in intermediate and Secured 65% in B.E(ECE).

  75. Hello Bharath, I’m 2012 B.Tech passed out and recently I got a offer in GIS as Maraine engineer in IIC Technologies(fresher).He is asking me a 2 years contract.Can I join for that?After 2 years how would be my career.How will be the demand in that field?
    Please suggest me whether it is worthful or not?

      1. Most of the people don’t know about this.I am also in a tough situation to think about this.In case if their is any possibility please provide me the information?

  76. Hi sir, recently as for ur suggestion i’ve attended the interview in rofous and got selected in 1st round.They said they call after 1 week for second round.Sir please tell me will they call me for sure.Please sir reply.

  77. hie ..i got selected for the 1st round (JAM ) at rofous.on 26th feb 2 days back…..they said me that they will intimate me by call in 10days about the 2nd round i.e Personal interview (PI) based on the 2nd round they will give us the position whether GIS or MM….so wat are the questions they ask in 2nd round ..hav to clear this round for further process …and how to prepare …if u hav any link plz provide me here,.. ur reply is helpful ..thnks

  78. Hello Bharath, I completed my in 2012 (IT Stream) And Present Iam doing my Studies as Software Engineering. So till completion of studies can i do this job? or If I do this Can my experience will be useful in future a? I need ur Suggestion!

  79. hi mr.bharath, am vishnu well i have 4 years exp in business role and 3 years exp in BPO voice process as sr.executive. am planning to join google , how do i start do i have any chances.

  80. hi ,i did bba from dist education eillm university i got my mark sheets but awaiting for provisional certificates and original degree can i apply for google through rofus

  81. hi i got an offer from my friend that gis fresher job in mahindra satyam with package of 3lakhs but i need to ay 1.5lakh is good to join or waste pls tell me

  82. hi friend,
    i have completed b-tech ,
    i have completed value added course in java,,
    but my frnd suggested me GIS Process in googlemaps

    what should i choose..
    is java developer or Gis developer has bright future..
    Moreover i want to know ,,
    what qualifications are required for gis process.
    and which stream is most preferrable to go through

    1. If you ask 100 People, 99 Will say JAVA has better future. JAVA is King. Nothing can beat it.

      Any Graduate can apply for GIS Process.

  83. i have completed Diploma in computer Engg in stream Computer Engg in year 2011,
    and certification cource in java language from seed Infotech in year 2013,
    before i did T.Y.B comm in mumbai university in year 2012,
    so plz mach profile give me a job..

  84. Hi sir , this is phani am having one year of experience with UHG as a Claims associate , can i apply for google and presently process of google is best i cnt work on night shifts , But i can accomodate myself even if there is rotaional shift.

  85. hey hi…as you have mentioned there is a 6 months bond in google.what if we break the bond because rofous has asked to sign the bond for 60000Rs.Please reply

  86. hi sir, this is sachin kumar, i did in 2011, how am i eligible foe google interview.
    then how will be our future growth in google? .kindle give me suggestions..:)

  87. heylo bharat,
    I was told by my friend dat, there are openings in Google.
    I had done my engg in 2011 and worked for almost 1 yr and 10 months in 2 different streams.
    And i have resigned the job recently due to timings issue.
    Are they openings in Google and can i appear for it.

    Waiting for your reply.


      1. Thanks you Bharath ,bt m lttle worried that i was having experience in some other field for 2 yrs..can you suggest me how to apply for rofous will i eligble for GIS or MM position???

        1. Go to Rofous office and tell them you came for the interview. They’ll guide you from there. This is a direct walkin. I think they’re hiring for Voice Process now. Check with them for the openings for GIS Position.

  88. hello sir

    i just need small information that what is the orkut process in Google company. what kind of work it will be?
    please explain me in brief…

    waiting for Ur reply

  89. hi bharath, im from pharma background.. cmpltd mpharm.. but im vry much intrested in geography.. can i apply to this job or interview..

  90. hiiiiiiiii sir
    i hav completed b tech in 2010 iam interested in google through rofous…………………………………………… if i fail to attend the jam round in rofous…. then will i attend again……………… and how much time would i wait to attend for second time

  91. total how mny rounds to get a a job in google……………….. from that……… many rounds will be conduct in rofous and how many rounds would be conduct in google office

  92. Hi barath, dis is bhushan, i am complet my degree in 2005, and B.Ed complet in 2007, and i have complet sap bw/bi module. And i have 3 years experience in water baverages. Now i am regain dis job, bcaz i am not satisfy company hike. Dats y i am asking to u, can i eliseble google walkins like gis or mm

  93. Hi Mr. Bharath
    I am IT 2011 graduate, from 2011 I have attented many software job interview but I’ve failed to crack the interviews.Due to some financial crisis I was forced to job, so I choosed marketing job and I ‘ve worked for 1 Year and now I am looking for a job in Google maps, Can I apply for it??

    awaiting for your reply

  94. Hello sir, are the interviews still going on? I heard that initially there used to be many openings in google but now its very tough to get through…! Is it true?

  95. Hello Bharat,
    I’m a B.Tech 2008 passout.. and i dont have any job experience, as i got married after my graduation. From a couple of years i’m in USA as housewife and now i’m planning to settle back in India. So would like to apply for this job. Am i eligible?

    1. I’m not sure whether they’ll consider 2008 Passed Outs, But if you’re well and good, you’ll get a chance. Please get in touch with rofous and ask them to arrange a interview.

  96. hai i m btech fresher 2012 passed out are there openings still going on and what is the interview process and also can u tell me the tips to crack the interview

  97. I cleared all de rounds in Rofous nd I’m waitng for de call for next round to b held at client location(GOOGLE) actually i’m getting tensed… is dat going to be very tough????? what if we fail to remember or get confuse in saying some answer…?????? i would like to know more about how we need to face de round….. can u help me pls!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Susha, Interview is not Tough. It would be very easy, It mainly depends on the HR. Prepare your resume in such a way that you’ll be able to answer any questions on your resume. It will be very easy. Don’t worry.

    2. Hi Sasha,

      Congrats frst of all for clearing all the rounds.well,the main portion of interview will be about your knowledge on Google inc.and its product so prepare everythng abt google from wikipedia.Also they will judge your presence of mind by asking u real time situation. Question,just be confident learn everythng about indian geography and recent current affair hope ths will clarify ur doubt.
      Best of luck

    3. hey hiee sasha……juz answr him(HR) in such a way that ,he should pick othr qustn frm ur answr..juz prepare in that way….n b urselff….al the bstt

  98. Sir, i have Completed my B.Tech in 2013 with 62.7% and i hav 1 backlog which infact wont effect in completion of graduation as our (JNTU) provides an opportunity to leave two subjects…
    they wont be considered in awarding degree too …..
    my intermediate — 82%
    and 10th std — 74%
    and I was trained in HTML5 game development for 6 months…..
    will u please tell me which companies am i eligible…….

    and can I attend for ROFOUS off campus for position of GIS….

    pls Reply asap…..

  99. sir, i have done with my final round(HR) at google on 13-06-2013.for GT process and i have done well. Till now i didn’t get any call regarding that. i went from randstad consultancy(himayathnagar). Today i approached them, but they didn’t replied me well. I am getting tensed day by day, please tell me whether i will get selected or not.

  100. Hi bharath sir
    i am nagadeep , i have completed my (IT) in 2012 .
    so kindly suggest me which is the sutable job in google for me .
    let me know currect openings in google .

    Thanks & Regards

  101. Hello Bharath,
    First of all i should appreciate you for suggestion candidates like me in positive way
    Sir can you say me whether openings are there right now in google for voice process or mm or gis. if there are openings please tell me where is walkin for that and can you also please tell me about hr interview regarding voice process and any night shifts are there for girls with im 2012 passout whether im eligible for this job.


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