HCL Technologies Interview Questions and Interview Experience 2011

HCL Technologies Interview Questions and Interview Experience 2011

Hi friends, I am Prachujya Saikia and I’m sharing my Interview Experience in HCL. “HCL TECHNOLOGIES” came for campus selection in our college(SCE) on 3rd September and I was unlucky that i couldn’t got placed. At 9.30 am they gave PPT(Pre Placement Talk) and They told some good points related to the growth and about company which drag my attention towards HCL.

HCL LogoHCL Interview Pattern 2011

The whole process was of two rounds.
1) Written Test – 75 marks
2) Interview (Technical/HR)

Round 1: Written Test

First one is the written test which contains

1. Quantitative.
2. Logical&Analytical Reasoning.
3. Verbal.
4. C Questions.

Duration for the test period was 75 minutes and no.of questions was 75. The paper was not that much easy . Time seemed to be not sufficient. Regular practice can make u to finish it with the given time. So work out as many problems and you will feel it very easy.

Written started for us at 9.30 am and finished at 10.45 am results announced after PPT(Pre Placement Talk) which was gone for 45 mins) and they told some good points related to the growth and about company which drag my attention towards HCL.

Those are
1. The ‘Employees First,Customers Second’ philosophy.
2. 18 months bonds
3. 90 days training , We will sit on a project on 90 th day.
4. Compensation is also very good(3.25 per annum).

At around 12.00 pm results were announced .Thank GOD my name was in that list (101out of 311)

Refer the following books.
1. Reasoning Book by R.S.Agarwal,Barron’s GRE for verbal
2. Quantative Book by R.S.Agarwal.
3. LET US C by Yashwant Kanitkar.
4. TEST UR C SKILLS by Yashwant Kanitkar.

Round 2: Technical/HR Interview

Next round is INTERVIEW(Technical/HR) . More no of students including me could not success in this round.

Only thing you have to do is be cool and confident. My name was allotted at the last according to alphabetical order.There were four panels.The interview started at 12.30 pm .I had waited for long time till 7.30 pm and I was completely tired with full day tension.I went at 7.30 pm.One thing I realized that we should at least have some water if u have not taken food.

The main things to be followed in Interview.


If u follow all these then u can feel success. In this round u have to be confident in ur area of interest and if u r a electronics student be confident with ur electronics basics.

HCL Personal Interview Experience 2011

My interview went like this.

ME : May I come in sir ?
HR : Yes come in,good morning,good afternoon,good evening!!!!
ME : Good evening Sir (it was 7.30 pm )
HR : Good evening.
HR : You are from?
ME : I told.
HR : He asked do you have your CV(Resume) with u ?
ME : Yes sir, ( I had given my Cv ).
HR : He asked what my mother tongue was?
ME : I told.
HR : He asked my family background.
ME : I explained very clearly.
HR : Do you know Java?
ME : Yes sir.
HR : Will you write a program in java?
Me : Yes sir.
HR : He supposed to give me a piece of paper but he didn’t and took it back and said ok.
HR : Do you well in DBMS?
ME : I told yes sir.
HR : But you have to be very proficient in RDBMS concept.
ME : I told related to RDMS clearly.
HR : He gave me form of agreement of three statements.
ME : I read out all those and put my acceptance signature.
HR : K,Thank you dear. All the best.
Me : Thank you sir for interviewing me(Left the room).

Don’t get tensed, be confident with ur answers and be honest. If u don’t know any answer just tell him that u don’t know.

Regarding C programming just go through some simple programs like

Then we were asked to sit outside and we waited for the results. After an hour , two HR came and started telling that results will be announced after one day.With full of tension I came back and waited for the result but bad luck for me I was not amongst those in the list.

Totally 34 students got selected from our college.So friends have faith in GOD , work hard and success will be yours.

Stay as cool as you could and that will fetch you the job… Don’t lose your hopes and confidence at any time

All the very best!!!
With best wishes,
Prachujya Saikia

Note: This is a Well Written Interview Experience by Prachujya Saikia and We really appreciate him for sharing him Interview Experience. Excellent work by him. If you’re Interested you can also share your Interview Experience and Win Prizes, For Contest details, please see the below article.

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    1. Hi i am karthika..

      Now i am doing my final year MCA in avinashilingam university. i get tensed because within one month i ll finish my course. i want to get job within one month. because my family background is very poor. but i dont have more knowledge in english. i am very low in English communication. But programming side i have some confidence to select. now i am doing oracle developer (OCP) course also. mainly if i got answers in mind also i dono to express it in english. its very big problem for me. pls help me. and suggest some ideas.. i dono wat i ll do. but all IT companies expectation is English only.. pls help me.

  1. Hi,
    I have completed bsc computer science presently working in infosys bpo,suggest me any idea how i can get IT job my higher secondary mark is 57% only. so i can’t able apply for IT openings in big concerns and one more i wanted to do MCA in weekend colleges in anna univ… due to my family situation.. is it valuable by doing that in correspondance.?

    1. MCA through correspondence is not at all useful and advisable. Since you just have 57% You’re not eligible to Top IT Companies as you know. You need to try in small companies to get IT Job.

  2. Dear Sir,
    Is HCL considers the candidates from distance education. I am MCA from SMU and having 2.1 + years of exp. in Web App development, and 43 % in graduation(BA), 54 % in 12th(Science), 63 % in 10th(Science).
    Can i appear in HCL? How much work exp. i need to apply there? Will i be counted any time in HCL?
    Please suggest.

    1. Hello Raj, I’m not tracking vacancies for experienced candidates. You can apply for HCL with your experience. Please check other job portals which can help you.

  3. Dear Sir

    I a pursuing BCA last semester from Ptu distance education. My aggregate % is 69 till $th sem as 5th sem result is to be announced yet. Recently i gave hcl comnet exam and was shortlisted for interview of graduate trainee in hcl technologies through aspiring minds. My question is does hcl consider distance educationstudents????

  4. I am serching bakened job i doing pursuing B.com final year currently i working bakened from sixmonth i want to go for hcl company contact me 7503729856


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