TCS Personal Interview Experience with Interview Questions

This is the Logo of TCSTCS Personal Interview Experience shared by Peeyush who is presently working in TCS. He shared his TCS Personal Interview Experience with both the Technical Questions and HR Round questions. Since TCS is going to recruit 15,000 more candidates in between January-March 2012, I hope this TCS Personal Interview Experience by Peeyush will be a very useful to every one.

TCS Personal Interview Experience and Interview Questions

Hello i am Peeyush, Here i am sharing my TCS interview experience.

Interview Details:

Date: 26-Dec-2010
Position: Fresher(Assistant System Engineer)

Total Rounds: 3

Round 1: Online aptitude test
Round 2: Technical interview
Round 3: HR interview

Round 1:

First of all their was an Online aptitude test which contains 60 question with 1/3 negative marking.It contains general aptitude questions, similar to these question you can be found on relevant sites.

Round 2:

After this in technical interview first they read my resume carefully the start asking question about the projects mentioned in my resume and after that they come to technologies/languages written in my resume like c,c++,sql,java etc.

Question were as written below:

  • Explain about Inheritance concept in c++.
  • Run time polymorphism in c++.
  • Post & get in java.
  • How to find second max salary in employee salary table in sql.
  • Name of sorting algorithms & explain one algorithm by writing code on a piece of paper.
  • Explain about AVL tree in DSA.
  • What you know about cloud computing?
  • Abstract class in c++/java.
  • Why java is platform independent?
  • Static modifier in java?

Round 3:

After this they sent me to for HR interview and question asked in this round were as written below:

  • why you want to join TCS?
  • why we hire you?
  • what is your expectations from TCS?
  • Then told me about the 2 years service agreement & asked me that you agree or not?
  • Do you have any location problem?

That’s all for the whole interview process then i got selected and now my working in this organization.

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