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Gift Voucher for Sharing Interview ExperienceShare Your Interview Experience and Win Prizes – This is a Contest for every one. No Extreme Rules and Regulations. You can share your Interview Experience and get the prizes. For Complete details on this contest please continue reading.

Share Your Interview Experience and Win Prizes

Q: Why I’m doing this?
A: You might be wondering why I’m doing this, The only reason is to encourage you to share your Personal Interview experience. Many of the visitors here are requesting others to share their Interview Experience, But No one is helping them by sharing.

Many students are getting help from this portal, but no one is helping back. So this is the main reason why I’m introducing this contest.

Q: What You’ll get through this contest?
A: There will be 3 very special things you’ll be getting through this contest.

1. We’ll publish your Interview Experience with your Photograph and a link to your Facebook Profile. So, You’ll be recognized among your peers.

2. You’ll get feedback from your friends on the Interview, so that you can analyze what you’ve done wrong and what should be corrected to your next Interview, Which is Price Less.

3. Lastly, As a Token of appreciation, You’ll get a Gift Voucher of Rs.50/- Which you can redeem in for every Interview Experience you share. So, You can share as many interview experiences as you can and get the gift vouchers. You can use this gift voucher to purchase any thing.

Q: What You should do to Win Gift Vouchers in this Contest?
A: As Said above, You just need to share your Interview Experience to get the gift vouchers, But Please make sure that you follow the below mentioned simple rules.

Rules and Regulations

  • You should write your Interview Experience in atleast 250 Words.
  • You should mention the Interview Details like Company Name, Venue, Date and Time of the Interview.
  • Please write your experience in understandable and clear English.
  • We’ll hold the right to edit your Interview Experience any time and once you submit your Interview Experience,We’ll be the legal owners for the respective article and it cannot be published in any other job portals or websites.
  • We also hold the right to delete your Interview Experience any time.

How to submit your Interview Experience

Please send all your entries to the below email address. Once we receive the entry you’ll here from us with in 72 hours regarding the acceptance of your article. Please understand that we hold the right to reject it under any circumstances.


You’ll receive your gift voucher within 48hrs of publishing your Interview Experience. You’ll receive the Gift Voucher to your email, which contains the code.

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