TCS Careers Answers to FAQs 2012-2011 Batches Freshers Registration

This is the Logo of TCSTCS Careers Answers to FAQs on Freshers Registration for 2012 and 2011 Batches. Almost all the Questions on Off Campus and Registration are answered here including referral drives. Check your Question and get clarified now.

TCS Careers Answers to FAQs

Q1: I’m a Fresher. How can i register for TCS?
A: Freshers(2012/2011 Passed Outs) can register for TCS through the below registration link. Registration links are separate for TCS Accredited college students and TCS Non-Accredited college students. All the details including the eligibility criteria and off campus are provided in the article below. Click the below link for more details.

TCS Careers 2012 Registration Link

Q2: I’m a Diploma Holder Passed Out in 2012, Can i apply for TCS?
A : Yes, even diploma students can register for TCS, the registration link is provided below.

TCS Diploma Students Registration Link

Q3: I’ve successfully registered for TCS. How can i upload my resume?
A : Students who applied to TCS through the “Direct Applicants Registration Link” don’t have the facility to upload the resume. This facility is available only to the students who are studying in TCS Accredited colleges.

Q4: I registered for TCS Careers Successfully. But, I didn’t receive my username and password?
A : As said above, Direct Applicants will not get username and password. Only TCS Accredited college students will get the username and password.

Q5: I’m a TCS College Accredited Student. But, I still didn’t get my username and password?
A : Since, You didn’t received the username and password, You can contact your TPO for the same. He’ll provide you with the username and password.

Q6: I’m a TCS College Accredited Student. Can i edit my resume and other details?
A : Mostly Yes, You can edit some columns of your application. Actually, I’m not sure on this, You can Just login with your username and password and try to edit your application.

Q7: I forget my Reference ID. How can i get it back?
A : If you lost your reference ID, you can get it back in 2 Ways.
Method 1: Re-fill the same application with the same details as you did previously, You’ll get a Pop-up saying that “User Already Exists” showing your reference number.
Method 2: Contact TCS Support. They’ll tell you your registration details and reference number.

Q8: I have filled the TCS registration form while studying my 7th semester. Now all my results are out. How can i update the marks?
A : TCS Non-Accredited college students, I mean direct applicants should contact TCS Support for the profile upgradation/editing. For TCS Accredited college students, they can try logging in to their profile and editing the application. if it doesn’t work even they need to contact TCS Support. TCS Support details including Toll Free number and email address is provided at the end of the article.

Q9: How can i check the Status of TCS Application?
A : According to my knowledge, This facility is not provided by TCS.

Q10: I’ve my friend working in TCS. Can he refer me?
A : Yes, he can refer you. Here’s the registration link for referrers.

Q11: When will be TCS Off Campus for 2012 Passed Outs?
Q12: Will there be any off campus for 2011 Passed Outs?
Q13: I’ve fulfilled the eligibility criteria of TCS. But I’m not shortlisted for the drive. Why?
A : For Q11, Q12, Q13 You need to contact TCS Support. They’ll be better people to answer these questions.

TCS Support Contact Details

Toll Free Number: 1800-209-3111
Email Address:
Timings to Contact TCS Support: Monday to Friday. 8.00AM-8.00PM

This is the detailed list of TCS Careers Answers to FAQs. If you’ve any more questions, ask through comments.

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130 Responses to "TCS Careers Answers to FAQs 2012-2011 Batches Freshers Registration"

    1. Hello Annie, TCS Support team said me that Off Campuses for 2011 Passed Outs is not yet completed, You can also call them and get the details.

      1. What do you mean by “Not completed”?

        I registered on june and didn’t get any call. Will they recruit BE 2011 or not? Did you ask this to them?

  1. SIR,,I had completed my B.E ECE in 2011,,,now i am working in L&T (electrical)(site engineer)in ONGC,,,i would like to move on software field,,,so now i completed c,c++ courses,,,pls help me sir,,


  2. Hello sir
    I tried to contact TCS support through this mail id ( to ask about offcampus for 2011 batch..but no response..

    1. Hmm Neeraj, Why did you do so?? Contact your TPO Immediately and I highly recommend you to register once again through TCS Accredited Link.

  3. Respected Sir,
    Long back i registered in your company. but i am not getting any call from your company. even i have good academic results also. i am not understanding y i am not getting call?

    1. Hello Sailaja, TCS didn’t call any of the registered students. You can call them and get this Question clarified. Contact them through the Toll Free number provided.

  4. hello sir,

    I applied for tcs in the date of 30/11/2011. that time i got recruitment information. Am a MCA

    passout student. In the month of april end i finished my college. Again i got career information

    again i applied. i got the same reference id. but no other improvement. what is the next step for

    give any suggestion sir In tcs I have reference also sir..

  5. hi sir , do you have any information regarding the drive held by tcs … i jus came to know that one is goin to be held in hyderabad on 14th march , do u think there will be any drives in bangalore or pune …. it will be really helpful if u can get any kind of information . thank you

  6. Sir,
    I am 2011 passout B.TECH from EIE stream and i am looking for a job in IT/SOFTWARE COMPANY,i have knowledge in c,data structure,c++,oops,java,database(SQL and MYSQL server) and i am now doing a course on ,is it enough for me to get a job in good companies from where i can move on to top IT companies like WIPRO,TCS and CTS as a experienced ,should my branch come in my way from getting a job?Or should i do some more course?Plz suggest….

    1. Hello Neeraj, Some times your branch will come in your way, some other times No Issue with the branch. Anyway, You can continue as you’re going. No need of any more courses.

  7. hello sir..
    i have 83.4,67.8 and 59.78 in 10,12,be in electronics 2011 respectively..
    i have taken 6 months it training from CMC -a TCS enterprise in c,oracle,
    am i eligible for tcs in any way through either reference or directly posting my cv in the career portal of tcs..sir please rep soon..can i register for 2011 offcampus

    1. Hello Simi, You’re not eligible TCS according to the eligibility criteria they mentioned in If you’re still confused, You can contact the TCS Support and enquire the same.

  8. Sir,
    Is i’m fresher (2012 batch) pursuing BTECH in IT, and i belong to TCS Non-Accredited college, and i’ hv already registered through “direct application”. Can i further use reference from any of my friend or relative currently working in TCS?? If so, how?? I used the link for referrers, bt it is asking for reference ID hence does nt serve the purpose…

  9. hii i am 2011 pass out. I called up at dat no.They said there is no vacancy as for now for freshers.I am already registered but dint get any feedback.
    please help.

  10. sir our college is tcs accredited, Tcs visited our college on sep 1st 2011,i registered tcs link and i was not selected, I am a 2012 passout .
    can i apply now for tcs?
    when should i apply?

    1. Hello Preethi, I don’t have any official information yet, My personal feeling is that, they’ll not recruit any more 2011 passed outs.

  11. Sir, my qualifications are: 10th 12th, diploma (3 years) diploma passout 2001, then I finished my BA graduation inthe year of 2009 passout. Then MA Passout 2011. Can I eligible to attend the interview for non voice?

  12. sir our college is tcs accredited, TCS visited our college on Aug 2011. i was not selected, I am a 2012 passout .and i am registered at that time with TPO driven ID. So, My question is that How can I apply again for TCS ?? can you give me the link . OR not needed for again registration ??
    Urgent reply required

    1. Hello Sumanta, From August 2011 you need to wait for 9 months to register once again through Drive ID. You can now apply through the direct link as normal freshers do.

  13. sir i have an aggregate of 55.14% in B.E,my pu is 54.16% and 10 th is there any chance for me to get into tcs.also i want to know whether there are other companies still looking for 50% aggregate through out the academics.

    1. Hello Rahul, You are not eligible for TCS and mostly not eligible for any Level 5 MNC. At now no MNC is looking for candidates who got less than 60% in their career. You’re eligible for BPO’s in all Level 5 MNC’s.

  14. sir, drive for my college was held 8 months back but i was eliminated in hr round.

    i want to register for ”tcs offcampus” for 2012 batch(i’m from tcs accredited college)
    pls tell me how can i register???

    i am having the old CT REF and password but drive id has expired(a drive id is given only when there is a campus drive as told by my TPO).

    1. Hello Alok, Will there be any more drive in future in your college? If Yes, Wait for it. otherwise you’ve to register as a Direct Applicant.

  15. Hai sir,

    i am a computer science 2011 passout , will “IT” recruitment will be conducted for 2011 passouts in tcs, cts in the month of may

  16. sir, iam a 2009 pass out in metallurgy engg with academic percentile 78.63% with distinction..i applied for tcs in direct recruitement link…what are the chances of tcs shortlisting me???

  17. sir, i am a fresher.i will complete my engg in CSE dept in may end.i think i have already registered.i want to update my details.pls send those link to me.
    i need information about your offcampus intervews for freshers in you take students(freshers). if you offer these type of recruitment for us,can you inform in my mail id ?
    thank you sir.

    1. Hello Sofiya, You need to contact TCS Support Team to update your details. TCS Support Team contact details are provided in the article. Check them and give a call to them to get your details updated.

  18. sir, i am a fresher.i will completed my engg in CSE dept in april end.i think i have already registered.i want to update my details.pls send those link to me.Do you take students(freshers). if you offer these type of recruitment for us,can you inform in my mail id ?
    thank you sir.

  19. Sir, i am a 2012 pass out student. I contacted my TPO and asked about the Drive Id. But he told me that i didn’t get any any information about . now tell me what should I do? I am also try the drive ID which was given last august for on campusing, a dialog box is prompting which shows “drive not active”….shall i register with the other link provided?
    Sir, Plz…….. help me what can I do ?????????

  20. Sir
    I applied for a software engg job in TCS since two months ago as Direct applicant but I didn’t get any reply yet. Why is they not replying anything . or how long more shall i have to wait to get any response for them. Also plz tell me how someone working in TCS can refer me for this job?

      1. hello sir i am 2012 pass out candidate and i am placed in tcs and i am from IT our college grade is ‘C’ i got aspire mail on 30th april 2012 when can i expect the date of joining when will they call me

  21. Hello sir,I’m 2012 passout student n i’m already selected to TCS through the campus drive.sir the confusion that i have is, i’v done both my PU(not cleared) and Diploma and i’v been selected based on my diploma marks. will the 2 years of PU be considered as year gap?? and also will the result of my PU be a violation of TCS eligibility criteria….???

    1. Hello Raghav, It’s not a violation because TCS allows 2 Years gap in education. Those 2 Years will be treated as a year gap. If you mention them that you’re not cleared then i think it will be a big problem for you, I suggest you to hide it and show other reason. Anyway enquire more and act correctly, this is your life, take correct step.

  22. Sir I did call the support center and asked my queries and the reply i got was that my PU results will not be considered (PASSED OR FAILED) as i’v been selected based on my Diploma marks .They only asked me to submit any proof of document to show that i’v done do you think i should hide my PU results once i join TCS??

    1. Hello Raghav, If they said not necessary then why to hide? Don’t hide. Have you recorded the conversation in your mobile? You can show it as a proof in case of any discrepancy.

  23. No sir i did not record that call, I’l call them again and record it to be on a safer side..Thank you very much for your assistance and advises sir.

  24. hi bharath sir i had a small doubt..

    We people of our college had registered for TCS Careers Portal 4 months back as 2012 passouts
    And today there is a new link for 2012 passouts newly.

    Should we register for that again or the old registration is enough..

  25. Hi sir..

    2011 passout need to register in TCS Nextstep 2012 portal as Direct Applicant?..i already had DT registration id by register last year..

  26. Hi bharath,

    I have applied for tcs new registration and i finished downloading the application form of TCS.

    But how can i get the hall ticket??.. Can u please tell me where i can download the hall ticket.

    Please guide me

  27. Sir, i m a 2012 pass out student, and i m selected in tcs on sept – 2011 , i also got the offer letter ,
    but i m having aggregate of 58.76% (including sem1,2,3,4,5,6,7) ,
    result of BE Final year is remaining,
    if i get 60% aggregate in final year (aggregate of sem7 & sem8) and overall aggregate(sem1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) is less than 60%,
    that is,
    BE final year : 60%
    overall aggregate : less than 60%

    then “am i eligible for tcs”
    please reply me…
    thank u !

      1. thank u sir for the reply,

        But at the time of joining, will TCS verify all my marksheets for my percentage criteria? to decide my eligibility.
        And if i have less than 60% (through out) , will TCS reject me?

        Please reply.
        thanx again.

        1. Hello Nik, They will verify to check whether the percentage you mentioned in the resume is correct or not. Only for attending interview they ask for 60%, since you had 60% at the time of attending interview and you’re selected, I don’t think they’ll revoke your offer. Anyway since you’re concerned, Call this Number “1800-209-3111” and get your doubt clarified. It’s TCS Support Number, Toll Free.

  28. sir jo 4 month back wala registration tha usme keval dt no mila tha lekin jo naya link h usme dt k no k sath pwd bhi mil rha h isse koi problem to nahi hogi

  29. Sir I’m 2012 fresher. While filling the application form of TCS Next step portal its asking for 2 referances name,their contact number and designation.

    But i’m not having anyone’s as reference? Why a person without having TCS employee as friends cannot join in TCS ?

  30. Hello Sir,
    I have completed my B.Tech in 2012.I was recruited by TCS on-campus in August 2011.
    I have received my offer letter and the latest status update of my application in the TCS portal is ILP Eligible.As such some of my counter parts have already obtained their call letters and they are undergoing training.But still I did not get my call letter.When I call the TCS toll free number they say that the batching is in progress and u’ll receive ur letter once the batching is completed.
    When can I receive my call letter and any prediction of the joining date.
    Also, there is a news that the recession is on and the joining letters may be delayed. Is it true? and is the situation so panicking?

    1. Hello thrylokya, Yes Recession is on. But there is no need to Panic. It’s not in a Serious Situation. Don’t Worry, You’ll get your Job in TCS, But it will take more time. Why don’t you concentrate on Learning Programming Languages because there will be elimination in the Exams which you’re going to write once you’re selected.

  31. hello sir,
    i filled my registartion form and submitted till now i didn’t get any conformation mail how can i get username and password plz help me


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