Unisys Written Test Pattern 2012 Selection Process Tech Support Jobs

Unisys LogoUnisys Written Test Pattern 2012 for Tech Support, Latest Interview Selection Procedure with Interview Questions provided. This Selection Procedure and Interview Questions are provided as on the date March 12, 2012.

Unisys Written Test Pattern 2012

Selection Rounds:

Round 1: JAM.
Round 2: Written Test.
Round 3: HR Round.
Round 4: Voice Test.

Round 1:

Round 1 is JAM. The Topic will be provided to you by the HR. You need to speak on the given topic for 1 minute. Selection in this round will be based on Accent, Though Fullness Presentation of the Topic, Grammar, Vocabulary and fluency of your speech.

Round 2:

This Written Test Consists of 4 Sections. The detailed list of the sections is provided below.

Part 1: Reading Comprehension (8 Questions)
Part 2: Grammar – Sentence correction. (7 Questions)
Part 3: Listening Comprehension. (10 Questions)
Part 4: IQ Test – Aptitude (15 Questions)

The Part 3 of this round is the 4th Round which is called as Voice Round.

Round 3: HR Interview

You need to answer the Questions like:

1) Tell me about Yourself?
2) Why this Part time job is Important for you?
3) You’ll be asked to read a Paragraph, which judges your Speaking Skills.
4) Tell me what you know about Unisys? (Very Imp Question)

Round 4: Voice Round

Now, Your Listening skills will be tested.

This is all about the Unisys Written Test Pattern 2012. You can ask your Questions though comments.

Update #1: Interview Venue and Dates:

For Interview Venue and dates, Please click on the Below link.

Unisys Tech Support Recruitment 2012

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27 Responses to "Unisys Written Test Pattern 2012 Selection Process Tech Support Jobs"

      1. sir,the rcruitment is for the post of tech support engineer….
        he s mentioned that tech round will b conducted so i asked …………

        1. Hmm, seems that they’ve added a new round. Just prepare basics in networking like Definitions(Lan, Man, Wan, Switch etc.,), OSI Model, TCP/IP Model. Just be good at basics, You’ll be hired 🙂

  1. hello Bharath

    I attended interview with unisys around beginning of october still not received any response do you know if this is general procedure of unisys hiring.

    1. Hello Patel, The Interview Rounds I mentioned is applicable only for Tech Support Jobs, If the Role differs then the Selection Procedure may differ. It’s not General.

  2. Hey Bharath !! Unisys is visting our campus on 30th november . i’m pursuing B.E (2009-2012) !
    i just want to know the rounds that they carry out for CAMPUS RECRUITMENT .

    1. Hello Shalini, Mostly the rounds will be Written, GD(Optional), Technical and HR. You can get the exact details from your Training and Placement Officer.


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