CTS Freshers Recruitment 2012 Off Campus on January 7 2012 IT/BPO/ITIS

Cognizant CTS Technologies LogoCTS Freshers Recruitment 2012  recruitment drive(Off campus) is on January 7, 2011 in multiple locations. Students who registered have already received the hall tickets for this test. For complete details on this recruitment please continue reading.

CTS Freshers Recruitment 2012 Recruitment Drive

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Student should be a 2011 Passed Out.
  • Student should have scored atleast 60% through out his academic career (For IT/ITIS) and atleast 50% (For BPO).
  • Candidate should not have any standing arrears.

Important Notes for CTS Freshers Recruitment 2012:

For Students who have already received the hall ticket:

Candidates should definitely carry the below documents to the venue, otherwise he’ll not be allowed to take the test.

1) All Original Certificates.
2) If Original Certificates are not available with you, You can carry photo copies of your certificates with the condition that they are attested/signed/verified/stamped by your college authorities.
3) No Hall ticket tampering is entertained.
4) A thorough database/Record check will be conducted, so make sure all the documents which you have are valid.

Venue details for CTS Freshers Recruitment 2012

Date of Interview: January 7, 2011.
Place of Interview: Multiple locations ( As Specified in Hall Ticket).

Registration Link for CTS Careers 2011

If you didn’t register for this recruitment till now, you can register through the below registration link

CTS Freshers Registration Link 2011-12

Update #1:

I see that many people are having the similar questions, so I thought of replying to them as a whole Instead of replying to everyone. Please understand that replying to each and every person for the same questions is difficult, so we came up with this plan.

If you’ve any other questions, Your questions will definitely be answered.

Q1: What is the exact venue in multiple cities?
A : I’m receiving a lot of questions asking me the venue details of each and every city. I don’t have all the venue details with me, so I’m unable to provide them for you.

Q2: What is the criteria of shortlisting candidates? (or) I didn’t get my hall ticket, why?
A : No one will be aware of the shortlisting criteria on which CTS shortlists the candidates. Only the CTS HR team will know this. So I don’t the shortlisting criteria.

Q3: will there be another drive like this?
A : My answer to this Question is “I’m not sure”. Many people are saying that there will be multiple drives in future. I don’t have any official information regarding this, if i get it I’ll announce it to you.

Q4: Did MCA Guys received the hall tickets?
A : No MCA Guy informed me that they received the hall ticket. So, i think MCA People didn’t receive the hall tickets.

Q5: I need Previous CTS Question Papers, Please send them to my mail?
A : I’m sorry, I don’t have any previous question papers with me.

Very Important Update #2

I see that there are lot’s of Queries regarding many issues to students. So to get answer to all your queries from CTS Team, You can shoot out a email to them at the below email address.

Email Address: idea.campus@cognizant.com

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185 Responses to "CTS Freshers Recruitment 2012 Off Campus on January 7 2012 IT/BPO/ITIS"

    1. Hello Vignesh, Here’s the venue details:
      Cognizant Technology Solutions,
      MEPZ – Special Economic Zone,
      Plot No A-15, 16, 17 (Part) B-20, C-10 & C-1 and D-2
      National Highways, 45,
      Tambaram, GST Road,
      Chennai – 600 045

      Timing: Multiple slots(Check your slot in your hallticket)

      1. Sir do you know this organisation called–http://www.internfever.com/ (hyderabad)

        It provides internships to student…Sir is it fake or good pl comment….

    1. Some MCA guys also got hall tickets in hyderabad but we dont understand on which priority they are sending hall tickets. In Malla reddy group of institutions every body got hall ticket for off campus. All are thinking that they are some links between cognizant HR’s and that colleges

          1. Hello Sapna, There are no rules and regulations for it. every company will follow some of their own framed rules. Anyway this Bond Policy is banned by Government in 2007, But still companies are following it. There will be no problem to you even if you break the bond, that’s the reason why companies are collecting original certificates, so If you break the bond, your certificates will not be returned.

  1. Hi Sir,
    The CTS off-campus drive is for MCA or B Tech?
    Am MCA 2011 passed out..

    I appplied for CTS 1 year ago…

    I didnot get any Hall Ticket?

    Please tell me how they are shortlisting?

  2. hai sir,this is rajesh, iam already registered in cts careers ,i got reference id also,but i dont get hall ticket for campus drive on jan-7 in hyd,what is my position,how will i attend to drive

  3. Sir,

    Whether Off campus recruitment is taking place in coimbatore also on jan 7 2012. Then what will be the venue and timing for the coimbatore candidates..? Please give me a reply..

    Thank You

  4. I have register in CTS careers since 8months.
    till now i didn’t recieved any hall ticket.
    I have 60% above in all academics.
    On what basis hall tickets are issued.
    what about remaining peoples.
    those who doesn’t get hall ticket.

    kindly response me.

    1. Hyderabad Venue for CTS;

      ANURAG GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS (Formerly CVSR College of Engineering)
      Venkatapur (v), Ghatkesar (M), R.R. (Dt.)
      (from Uppal Ringroad 10 km. Apstrc bus no. 283c direct and 280 till jodimetla)

      Or go and get bus from Uppal stop at Secunderabad

  5. I have register in CTS careers since 8months.
    till now i didn’t recieved any hall ticket.
    I have 65% above in all academics.
    On what basis hall tickets are issued.
    what about remaining peoples.
    plz forward me sir

      1. hello bharath ji

        4100516659 dis is my cts registration id i didn’t get any hall ticket from the company

        can i knw whats going on with dis will every applicant get a call frm cts for sure …….

        i’m tensed and worried abt this so plz give me apropriate answ sir

  6. Hello barath,
    I got a hall ticket for the CTS written test. But I can’t get any recent written test patterns in the web. Do you know written test pattern?


    1. have u got the hall ticket for delhi location aruna???

      this is the pattern of cts paper

      Cognizant paper pattern
      Analytical Reasoning:
      1-5-Data Interpretation
      10-15-Coding and Decoding
      15-20-figure Series
      20-25-Syllogism and statement-conclusion
      25-30-Sequence Action

      Data Interpretation-
      Prepare Graphs and PieCharts from GMAT or just go through R.S Agarwaal
      Precaution:Just Go through the topics you can answer easily

      Prepare Puzzles from RS Agarwaal Verbal and Nov-Verbal Puzzles
      Just Solve the puzzle at the end as it takes time.The Scoring may effect if you start at first.
      If you have no time to prepare just have a glance of the puzzles and move on with examples

      Preapartion:Prepare coding and decoding from RS Agarwaal Verbal and No-verbal
      There are 5-6 different types of coding-Just Go through the examples of all different codings

      Figure Series-
      Question types:
      1.Find Odd man out-1 mark
      2.Figure Sequence-1 Mark
      3.Find Similar Pattern of Same Image with other-3 Mark
      Just practice figure series from RS Agarwaal or you can solve them in exam by looking as they are very ease.

      Syllogism and Statements Conclusion:-
      Prepartion:TIME Institute material has Shortcuts for Syllogism and Statements and Conclusion
      Or Go through Youtube and type Syllogism Rules-You will have all short cuts for solving Syllogism

      Sequence of Action
      Prepartion:Solve these question as they are very easy
      Solve these question at first. 2,29,30 may be question numbers.
      Ravi will go to shopping if his father gives him money
      a.Ravi is going to shopping
      b.Ravi father gave him money
      c.Ravi is not going to shopping
      d.Ravi father didnt give him money

      Select any one of the option
      1 ab 2.ba 3.dc 4.ab&dc

      Max Score:20 Marks
      1.Coding and Decoding-4Marks
      2.Sequence of Action–3Marks
      4.Figure Series-3Marks
      5.Data Interpretation-3Marks
      6.Puzzles-3 Marks

      English Paper-25Marks
      1.Big Paragraph-5 Marks
      2.small Paragraph-5 Marks
      3.Select Correction Sentences-5 Marks
      4.Select Incorrect Sentences-5 Marks
      5.Jumbled Sentence-5 Marks

      Practice Jumbled Sentence from anybook Just To Practice
      Your can score upto 3 marks
      Correct Sentences-
      Prepartion:If you u dont have time to prepare just leave now or just go through any book
      You can score upto 3 Marks

      InCorrect Sentences-
      Prepartion:If you u dont have time to prepare just leave now or just go through any book
      You can score upto 3 Marks

      Paragraph:Practise from previous papers
      Take paragraphs at last and solve firt small paragraph
      You can score upto 3 marks

      Just with unattend question-3 marks
      Max Score should be -15Marks

  7. hello sir i am EEE department 2011 batch and i got 74% in my degree 10&12 is 76%,62%.i am register CTS .EEE student call in CTS .u know exactly when please reply me

  8. Respected sir ,

    I am 2011 passout in B.tech (IT) with 64 aggregate and sir how can we know that we are shortlisted for this interview this is very important for me because sir i am still not secured a job

    i will be very gratefull to have answer from you

    1. Hello Ayub, You’ll get the hall ticket to your email, this is the only way to find out you got the hall ticket, You can also check the status of your application, but many students status is not updated, so I don’t recommend it

  9. Sir,
    I have recieved the hall ticket.But in that only candidate name,id and date of birth are specified.No other details is there.I heard that degree,branch,Xth std marksheet no: are needed in the hall ticket.
    may i know wheather i can attend the test,or i will be disqualify.

    1. Hello Anjaly, You got the Hall Ticket, You can go and attend the test. Mistakes in Hall Tickets is not your problem, it’s CTS Problem and they’ll solve it. No Issues, I suggest you to go for the test. Mostly you’ll be allowed.

      1. For proof identification what shall i take with me. I only have pan card. Is it okay or i should take only those mentioned in the hall ticket. Plz reply…

          1. Hello Kamakakannan, I just got the confirmation, You definitely need any of the proof mentioned in the hall ticket. Pan Card is not accepted in some venues.

            Get the letter from a Gazetted officer

  10. Sir, i have registered 8 months ago….still i didn’t get the hall ticket from cts off campus drive.
    i’m Btech 2011 passed out with 66%..

  11. hi, sir i have entered the mail address incorrectly in the submission form.can you plz
    help in any way…..plz my applicant id is 4100511029

  12. i didn’t get any hall ticket from the company

    can i knw whats going on with dis will every applicant get a call frm cts for sure …….

    i’m tensed and worried abt this so plz give me apropriate answ sir

    1. Hello IDRIS, only shortlisted candidates will get the hall tickets. If you didn’t get the hall ticket now, don’t worry you might get it for upcoming drives.

  13. Hello,
    there is an offcampus for 2011 batch on 7 jan in multiple locations. is it in chennai too?
    also can a candidate attend interview/ test at any location of their choice, if they have not got the hall ticket.

    1. Hello Kumar, You need to go to the venue mentioned in the hall ticket. You’re not eligible to go to other venue. The Interview is in Chennai too

      1. Hi Sir,

        I didnt get the hall ticket. So i want to know whether i can attend the interview in chennai. And also i want to know when CTS is organizing the offcampus in Chennai.

      1. Hello Neetu, latest update. Pan Card is not accepted as Identification Proof. You’ll need to bring any of the proof mentioned in the hall ticket.

  14. I didnt get hall ticket tillnow, Next slot is there or not. If not there what about us? I have all above 80%’s but I didnt get. My friend has only just 60 but he got

        1. ok i m sending you the pattern but plz help me out too…i want the venue and time details of delhi ncr candidates…..plz help me out plzzzz everyone

            1. i do have 3 patterns of cts and i do have latest papers of cts also….bharath g….. i did so much preparation but now i dont know the venue of the test

              1. The reason is because, I see this same pattern in many other job portals, Anyway we don’t post anything here without conformation. Please don’t mine, and All the best Tarun for the Interview. I wish you get the success you wanted.

  15. hai good evening,,,,, i have already attend the cts interview on sept 24,2011,,,, what i am saying is am i eligible to this interview on jan 7, if i am eligible i didnot receive haltckt yet now,,, how would i get it,,,,plz tell me,, iam eagarly waiting for your reply,,,,,,,,,thankyou

  16. I dint receive my hall ticket till now iam 2011 b.tech IT fresher i applied in cts on june 2011 but still i dint get my hall ticket how i can i attend the campus drive kindly help me

  17. Hello Sir,I am a B.tech(I.T) 2011 passout and has >70% acads throughout.But i didnt got the hall ticket for 7th jan drive.I am really worried Please reply,thanks.

    1. actually i m also like u i m also lukin 4 a job and i dnt have the venue details of offcampus in delhi but ijust want to tell u just go n get the job these r juz basic things koi prblm nhi hoti best of luk ………………………….n plz koi mje delhi ncr ka venue batao

  18. actually i registered in cts,,, and also i went to interview on sept24,2011,,,, but at this time i didnot receive halticket form cts cmpny,,,,, plz give me suggestions

  19. Hi, My friend has got a mail from CTS saying that she has been shorlisted for the interview and they will be sending hall ticket on 5th Jan.Since she has not received any hall ticket for the same, wont she be allowed to sit for the drive and if the answer is no then wont her application be considered in the next drive?
    Please respond asap.

    1. Hello Taruna, Without Hall Ticket, No one is allowed to the exam. If your friend didn’t receive the hall ticket for Jan 7 test then she will be considered for Future Drives.

  20. Hello, my name is Prasanth.
    I got the hall ticket for the CTS’ off campus placement drive on January 7th last week and the venue was given as Chennai. But I have to be at Cochin on 8th morning because of some unavoidable reasons. So if I do not attend the interview on 7th, am I eligible for a second chance on some other dates?

  21. Sir actually I got my ID on January 30.Can I attend the test after which you conducted.Plz reply me .ID card is the only problem that I cant attend the test.nNowI only had PAN card

  22. Sir,
    I do not have pan card or license or voter id (applied for it). I only have my college id card. Is it enough to attend the test?

    1. Hello Neetu, I don’t know why CTS is not accepting it. I think it’s simple to get a letter from your college principal in his letter head, why don’t you try it? If you aren’t able to get any proof then go to the interview with the pan card itself and request them, they’ll mostly accept you for the test.

  23. Guys, der are still slots to come. this may be the last slot for CSE/IT .. next slot will be in jan last week or in feb 1st week ….. to my guess it will be on Jan 28 and 29.. this info was told to me by a frnd who got selected in the first slot as she had a conversation abt slots with the HR..

        1. respected sir,
          i am ananthi(MCA) from chennai. i registered my details in CTS carrers portal..but so for i didnt get hallticket as well asany inform about off-campus.
          kindly look forward my queries and respone me sir

  24. hello i have written aptitude test today..they told they will inform through mail….did any one got any mail please do replay…..in the evning if selected tomorw interview technical

  25. Dear bharat,
    I made pathetic mistake in my life.I took aptitude round on saturday for CTS chennai drive at very late in evening 7.They announced that they will send results for those cleared will be mailed before midnight of little later.As i did well in apps i waited for the results till 3 am and as i m not feeling well i gone to sleep and i thought i didnt clear the apps.So i got very late and went to hospital and got back home and slept.When i woke up evening and checked my mail.Where i received mail regarding the next round which is sent around 4 am.. I was shocked and I called CTS.They said call monday morning. I dont know what to do???

  26. cts it career fair 2011 batch at trichy..for tis wat is tat registration id?? is that the applicant id which was sent to our mail previously when we registered in freshers column in off campus scheduled drive after sept.. is APPLICANT ID is our REGISTRATION ID????


    1. No Official Information is announced by CTS regarding the off campus. Unless any official information get’s announced, I cannot inform you the dates.

  27. When will be the exam for 2013 will held . Presently im in 2 year.
    Have 4 months of experience in international bpo . Plz reply.


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