HCL Comnet Personal Interview Experience

This HCL Comnet Personal Interview Experience is Shared by Spandana for the Contest, “Share Your Interview Experience and Win Prizes”.

HCL LogoHi Friends,

I would like to share my HCL Comnet interview experience with you.

Company Name: HCL Comnet
Exam/Interview Date: 16th March 2011

Selection Procedure:

There were 4 rounds

  • Written
  • JAM
  • Technical
  • HR rounds

This drive went on for 5 days.

Written test:

There was an Aspiring minds test and it was quite easy to get through this., It includes Aptitude, reasoning, Verbal.
RS Agarwal is enough to crack this test.


We were asked to speak about a topic for 2 min and they gave a list of topics like favorite Holiday spot, role model, Social networking boon or bane. They just check for proper communication skills, prepare on the topics mentioned and deliver it well.


Then there was a technical round the questions were asked on networks and they were basic need not worry.

Interviewer: tell me about your self
Me: told

Interviewer: Asked me basic questions regarding networking like layers in OSI model.
Me: told

Interviewer: Asked me about functionality of layers
Me: told

This went on for 15 min with basic questions, HR were supportive, there is no need to panic and they were confident that we would do well after training.

Interviewer: wished me all d best and asked to have my HR round.

HR round:

HR was very cool lady.

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself
Me: told

Interviewer: She asked me about my family.
Me: told

Interviewer: hobbies
Me: told

Interviewer: 3 things that I want to change in this society.
Me: told

Interviewer: mentioned that we may have to work in night shifts and may have to relocate any place like Noida.
Interviewer: asked me to leave

Thus my interview was over successfully, and I was not tensed about the result. Results were mailed to selected candidates through mail.

All The Best.

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46 Responses to "HCL Comnet Personal Interview Experience"

    1. Hello Milan, HCL Comnet is not a pure BPO. It’s Technical Support. If you’re interested in building your career with Tech Support then this is the best place for you. After working for 18 months in HCL, You can get converted into IT.

  1. HCL Tech is the technology division of HCL where software development is carried out.

    whereas HCL Comnet is the part of the HCL family dealing with Networking solutions.

  2. what are things that are thought to the trainee at hcl comnnet and what are courses a trainee must learn before joining hcl comnnet so that it will be helpful at training

    1. Hello Vikky, To be frank, no need to learn any courses if you’re a fresher. If you’re good at “Computer Networks” basics then you’ll easily get the job.

  3. thanks bharat for ur reply. but may i know

    1.which is better hcl technology or hcl comnet
    2. can i shift from comnet to technology later.
    3. what are the further carrier opertunities if i join in comnet

    1. Hello Vikky, You can shift after working 1.8 Years in HCL Comnet. There would be many things they will be checking in this case. HCL Technologies is better than HCL Comnet.

  4. thanks bharat. but comnet is different from technology . training given at both are different, so if i shift from comnet to technology at later can i cope up their. Will i be able to manage the things there

    1. Vikky, It all depends on you, while working in coment itself, You need to master a technology on which you’re going to work in “HCL Technologies”. If you do it you can easily cope up with every thing.

  5. oh kk thanks. may i know which technology has more demand now a days and have better carrer opportunities to work at India/abroad. and what are the onsite opertunities for a employee working at comnet

  6. Hi Bharath , My question to you is that i have experience of working with a technical support company for 2 years. Do i need to do CCNA in order to crack the interview at HCL Coment.

  7. I’ve completed B.tech in electronics & comm. in 2012.I am pursuing CCNA.Have good knowledge of routers,IP addressing ,subnets,VLSM.I know C,DOS,Window OS,Window Troubleshoot,System Troubleshoot.Please refer me for HCL Technologies.
    Thanks !

  8. What are the opportunities as a fresher in hcl comnet? I want to become a good network engineer and want to persue CCNP or CCIE..is my selection in comnet going to help me in this direction.??

  9. iam eee 2012 passout. i got job in hcl technologies as tech support can i join dis.
    iam interested in spftware. r during told after 12 months we can change to it sector . is it true plsssssssssssss reply me

    1. Hello Kiran, It’s not after 12 Months. It’s after 18 Months. After 18 Months, If there are openings in the sector you wanted then You can apply for them. But it all depends on your Performance in the Present Role.

  10. sir,actually i got a mail from HCL comnet for interview and the post is AGET.
    Sir i am an IT engineer.i dont know networking.i know java,c++
    shall i go for interview.

  11. HI Bharath

    I have selected by a consultancy for the HCL Comnet on contract base for the 3 month. i am MBA FRESHER “(HR), SO can u please tell me that is it fine to work with HCL COMNET on contract base.

    Manoj Sharma

    waiting for ur ans.

  12. sir, your experience is quite informative. I want to unfold following doubts:
    what salary hcl comnet is offering for technical support profile?
    As I have done B.tech so, my chance of getting converted into technical would be faster or not?
    thnx in advance.

  13. Hello sir my problem is ..that am having 1 years of experience on SQL DBA..but these days due to some prblm i lost my current jobs……recently i gotta call from a consultancy hiring for tech support,for HCL,sud i go with tech support..plz help me.



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