Wipro Written Test Pattren 2011 Placement Paper Interview Questions

Wipro LogoWipro Written Test Pattren 2011 which is conducted on December 10, 2011 in Hyderabad. Complete Question Paper Pattren with model questions are provided in the article. To know more about the Wipro Written Test Pattren 2011 please continue reading.

Wipro Written Test Pattren 2011

Total Marks: 50
Time/Duration: 60 Minutes
No Of Sections: 04

Section I: English – (20 Marks)
This section consists of 20 Questions and each question carries one mark. So totally 20 Marks. This section consists of questions only in english. Here’s a detailed information on subsections in this section.

Synonyms – 2 Questions
Antonyms – 2 Questions
One Word Substitues – 2 Questions
Fill in the Blanks – 2 Questions
Passages – 8 Questions
Others – 4 Questions

Section II: Aptitude (10 Marks)
This sections consits of 10 Questions on Aptitude and each carries one mark. This section is totally based on Aptitude.

Section III: Reasoning (10 Marks)
This section is also similar to the section II and it also consists of 10 questions each and each carries a mark. This is entirely based on reasoning.

Section IV: Computer Basics (10 Marks)
In this section the basic knowledge on computers will be tested. Even, this is similar to the above sections with 10 Questions and 10 Marks. The Questions in this sections are very general questions on computers and what i came to know is they are very easy to answer.

So totally 50 Marks with 50 Questions to be answered in 60 Minutes. This is the pattren which i came to know in my enquiry, If anything here is wrong, you can report to me for corrections.

Wipro 2011 Freshers Registration Links

If you haven’t already applied for Wipro, then you can apply for Wipro through the below registration link. Please click on the below link to load the application form.

Apply for Wipro: Wipro Freshers Registration Link 2011

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  1. i want to know whether all the rounds will be conducted on the same day or only written test will b conducted first and later after a week further rounds wil b conducted?

  2. will there be tectical qs in written test.plz send me the placement paper · Edit

    will there be technical qs in written test .and plz send me placement paper for wipro i hv test on 3 march


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