Wipro BSC Freshers Recruitment 2011 MS Sponsored Degree VIT Vellore

Wipro LogoWipro BSC Freshers Recruitment 2011 with MS Sponsored Degree in VIT Vellore for BSC Students(Any Graduate, Mostly all groups allowed). This Program is called Wista 2011. If you are interested in this career, please continue reading to know the complete details.

Complete details on Wipro BSC Freshers Recruitment 2011

Eligibility Criteria:
1) Candidate should have atleast 50% in the academic career.
2) BSC Full-Time Graduates with almost any degree is allowed to register.
3) 2010 Passed Outs and students pursuing their degree are allowed to register.

A Brief info on the program Wista 2011:
Let me explain what the complete program is for BSC Graduates. This Program is while a student is studying/Pursuing his MS Degree in VIT Vellore, he will be allowed to work on global projects. This means he will be studying at a prestigious college while doing a job in TOP IT Company like Wipro.

Registration Link for Wipro BSC Freshers Recruitment 2011

If you are interested in this career, and if you want to register for this special program sponsored by wipro, you can do this through the below registration link:

Registration Link Expired and Is no Longer Valid. Hence Removed.

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