Syntel 2011 Recruitment Personal Interview Experience

Syntel Company's LogoHi Every body, This is Manikanta. I am here to share my personal experience of my “Syntel Interview” held on Jan 18th 2011. The Interview was held at Chennai.
There were two rounds in the interview.
1) Technical Round
2) HR Round.
There are totally 6 panels in which the interviews were held. I am the first person in the 6th panel.
Technical Interview:
I entered into the technical HR’s cabin and greeted him , he too greeted with a smiling face and offered the seat. The first question to me was “Tell me about yourself” I answered it confidently with fluent English. The Second question to me was “Areas of interest” I replied Radars Communications and Micro Waves , HR said that both were good subjects but I will test you in Microprocessors , I welcome his decision. The next question he asked is to say a practical example of a device which uses both Microcontroller and Microprocessor. I said a lot of Examples but he’s not satisfied. After a 15min Discussion he is satisfied with my example “Mobile Phone( With Complete Explanation How it Works)”. Later he tested me in C programming and asked me to write a program on ”Palindrome” I wrote and explain him and he satisfied with it and I was promoted to next round.

HR Interview:
The next round was HR Interview and the first question to me was How was the Technical Interview. I said it was great. The next question is the same old boring question which is nothing but tell me about your self I answered it. she asked me whether I would to like to work in night-shifts or not, I said I will… and the next question is “ why I have a decrement in percentages when compared with my 10th and 12th classes” I explained the reason, this was the my final question and thus the interview completed.

Finally i am selected for syntel.

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6 Responses to "Syntel 2011 Recruitment Personal Interview Experience"

  1. sir,i m sharmila.i have only 52%in my 10th.pls say me whether am i eligible?when the company comes for off campus recruitment? sir is ter any companies in which i can apply? i m currently pursuing my 7th semester.pls reply me

  2. hello sir, this is sahibar, 2012 passed out. i was selected in syntel offcampus drive held in hyderabad on Jan 2012. Any idea regarding the dispatch of call letter sir? i have already sent a mail to syntel hr regarding it, but no reply.

    1. Hello Sahibar, Sorry, No Idea. Syntel Team should reply you. If they don’t reply there is nothing we can do. Ask your TPO to contact the Syntel HR Directly.


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