Another Recession in US? US Ratings Down 26% IT Hiring Down in India

RecessionAnother Recession in US? Seems that it’s true. This time due to recession in US, almost 26% of the IT Hiring will be down in India. Here’s is the complete story for our Visitors.

Reason for Another Recession in US:

Recent Economic Crisis in US Made, USA’s Credit Rating to dip a lot. For the first time in the history USA lost it’s “AAA” rating which leads to severe effect in the IT Industry hiring in the India. According to the latest news, One fourth of the IT Recruitment might be down in India. It may take that almost 6 months for this situation to recover and get to the normal conditions.

The Turn over of the Indian IT Industry is almost $60 billion in which US accounts for almost 60% of the revenue. So it seems realistic that there will be one more recession in US and the IT hiring in India is ready face it’s effect. So a Bad News for Indian IT Freshers and we should all hope that the effect of recession in India should be as low as possible.

Original Source: Times of India

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10 Responses to "Another Recession in US? US Ratings Down 26% IT Hiring Down in India"

  1. Is recession is the reason that tcs,cts,accenture,hcl didnt hire the freshers? so it affects the small IT company also? at present senario whats going on in IT fiels in india?

    1. Hello Anand, The recession effect will be on the coming 2012 Quarter, there will be only minor/medium effect in hiring according to my knowledge. I personally believe that recession is the main reason because which companies are not hiring the freshers.

    1. It’s not like that Arun, the opportunities will be less that’s it. But Indian Government is saying that recession will not effect us and there will be hundred’s of jobs in the new year, so no issues. Don’t worry about recession.


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