Giveaways & Contests from Jobtrails – What do you want?

Giveaways and Contests from Jobtrails.comGiveaways & Contests from Jobtrails

We’ve decided to Thank our Visitors by Organizing Giveaways and Contests Where you can Win Valuable Prizes for FREE. We think as a Loyal Visitor of our Job Portal You deserve the Prizes.

We’re making this article to know what do you want. Here’s the List of Items we’ve decided to Include in the Giveaways. You can also recommend us anything which is not in this list.

  1. Software’s (Antiviruses, Download Managers etc).
  2. Books (Like R.S Agarwal or Personality Development).
  3. Careers and Resume Writing Services (From or
  4. Gadgets (Pen-drives, Memory Cards etc)
  5. (Or) Anything Else?

Please comment below Informing us What Do you want from the above list. We’ll honor your request.

How Does this Giveaways Work?

You’ll be able to Win those above Prizes by Participating in the few contests we Organize. Contests are very simple. All You need to do is Like Our Facebook Page or Share some of our Articles on Google+

How Do you want to win the Prizes?

  1. Do You want a Lucky Draw. (or)
  2. Do you want to Win them by Point Based Systems.

Please comment below Informing us What Do you want from the above list and How do you want to win them?. We’ll honor your request. We’ll Gather the response for 3 Days. After that We’ll Organize the Giveaway.

We really thank you once again for being a Such a Loyal Visitor of You Guy’s are Awesome.

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29 Responses to "Giveaways & Contests from Jobtrails – What do you want?"

    1. Hello Subhajit, You can let us know what you want. Think and inform us What will me most useful to you for your Job Search or In your real life.

    1. Ok Baphi. We’ll decide the mode of Wining by Collecting Everyone’s Feedback. Thanks for sharing yours. You can also let us know what do you like to win among the mentioned items.

  1. Lucky Draw would be a better option since it opens a way for everyone to win it.
    and im more interested in any type of gadgets offered 🙂

  2. I want to win them by POINT BASED SYSTEM.

    And if tok about the prizes it should be any gadgets like SMART PHONE or I PHONE etc.

    Thanks for asking. and if anything different will come in my mind i’ll definitely let you know.

    1. Hello Chandu, We get over 6 Lakhs Visitors. If we Start Referring One, I’ve do it for all 6 Lakhs Students. Sorry!! I don’t think this is possible.


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