Mahindra Satyam Personal Interview Experience 2011

Mahindra Satyam Personal Interview Experience 2011

Mahindra Satyam LogoHi, I’m Spandana and I would like my Interview Experience I had with Mahindra Satyam as it would be helpful for Mahindra Satyam Referral drive.

I Attended An Off Campus Drive Conducted By Mahindra Satyam through JKC on July 30th and 31st, 2011 in Rajampet, Kadapa. A.P. Written test was on 30th July at 11:00 AM

Selection Procedure:

There Were 3 Rounds.

  • Online Written Test.
  • Technical Round
  • Hr Round.

Round 1: Written Test.

The Written test consists of 100 questions and the duration is 60 minutes.

There are 2 sections:

Section 1: Verbal 100 Questions In 40 Minutes
Section 2: Aptitude 70 Questions In 40 Minutes

You Have To Start With Verbal Which Has 8 Sections In It. You Can Solve The Sub Sections In Any Order

They sub sections are as follows:

1. Tenses(10 questions)
2. Articles(10 questions)
3. Verbiage (synonyms 10 questions)
4. Confusing words (same pronunciation, different meaning)
5. Reading comprehension(10 questions)
6. Subject verb agreement(20 questions do this from cat material or similar)
7. Prepositions(20 questions)

I Can Just Say One Thing No Need To Prepare For This Section. All Are Simple And General Questions And You Can Solve In 20-30 Minutes, Given Time Is 40 Minutes. but be slow, even though u save time u cant use for other section

After Completing This Section, You Can Relax For 5 Minutes And Start Next Section.

In Aptitude:

This Section Is Very Crucial For Your Exam.

There Are 3 Sections In This

1. Non verbal reasoning(35 questions)
2. Verbal reasoning(20 questions)
3.Quantitative (15 questions)

Aptitude – Includes Question From Clocks, Time And Work, Partnership Problems, SI, mixtures and allegations. All Are Simple. In The Other 2 Sections There Are Questions From Puzzle Test, Figure Series, Number Series, Direction Sense, Blood Relations.

All I Can Say For Preparation Of Written Is, Go With A Cool Mind And Before That Just Go Through R.S. Agarwal Books.  Aptitude, Reasoning.

For shortlisted candidates in written test interviews were conducted next day, 31st July.

Round 2: Next Round Is Technical: 31st July, 2011

Mine was in the afternoon at about 12. Here I Faced Few General Questions And Puzzles.

hr: tell me about Ur self
me: told
hr: Asked To Explain My Project.
me: told
hr: asked a number series problem simple one 1, 4, 9, 16,_
me: told
hr: asked a puzzle like a person climbs wall with 3 steps ahead and 1 back after how many steps will he reach the top.
me: told
hr: another Shakuntala Devi puzzle like water replicates for each day in a bowl, on 20th day it was full, wen was it half?
me told
hr: asked me to leave

Next HR round

This was around 2:00 PM

This Was Very General..
hr: tell me about Ur self
me : told
hr: asked about hobbies
me told
and discussed reg the books i read.
hr: asked few general ques nothing technical was general to know to know the attitude of the candidate.

Finally my name was announced as selected at about 8:00 PM after every one was done with the interview.

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  1. hi i need some information about functional domain
    and also at present which course has demand like java,oracle,…
    in java which one is better

  2. sir I want to let me know when will the CTS,TCS,HCL,IBM,Satyam drive for 2011 MCA passed outs.
    still none of my friends not shortlisted yet to be.


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