How to get Job through Employee Reference in TOP IT Companies

Get Job through RefferHow to get Job through Employee Reference ? This article explains how to get a job through employee reference. This program in most companies is called as “Refer A Friend”. You can get complete procedure on how this mechanisam(How to get Job through Employee Reference) works in most of the Top IT Companies. I’ve been receving a lot of requests from many students asking me the procedure on how this system works, so this article is especailly for them.

How to get Job through Employee Reference Complete Scenario

I’ve depicted the complete scenario in multiple steps to make it understand for most of the students. Please continue reading to get complete idea.

Step 1: Referral should search for the vacacnies in the company Job Portal.

Step 2: After sucessfull search, If any vacancies found in the respective domain, in which the candidate who he is going to refer is Intersted, then he can go ahead and apply for the job.

Step 3: Referral should first upload the resume of the candidate in the Job Portal, It’s nothing but candidates registration.

Step 4: After sucessfull registration, Referral would get a automatic genereated mail from the HR Team informing that the reference is sucessfully added.

Step 5: Now, the HR team will review whether the Applicants resume matches the current job opening requirements.

Step 6: If all the credentials are satisfied then the candidate who is referred will get a Interview call for the corresponding opening.

Step 7: Candidate can attend the Interview can get selected.

FAQ’s on How to get Job through Employee Reference

Q: My referral is saying he’s not aware of this process, what should i do?
A: Please ask your referral to contact the HR Team in the company, they will guide him with the exact procedure.

Q: How can i find whether the companies allow referral system or not?
A: Most of the Companies allows this system. In the company website there will be seperate section for all these procedures.

Q: You said we should upload a resume, where should we do it?
A: As said previously, there will be specific section in the company website to do all this stuff. Here are some of the examples:

TCS Referral Link:
TCS Referral Link

CTS Referral Link:
CTS Referral Link

Wipro Referral Link:
Wipro Referral Link

Q: What will the referral get, if he referes a candidate?
A: If a referral refers a candidate and if the candidate get’s selected then he’ll receive huge money from the company. In some companies it will be One Month Salary of the Candidate who got selected. In some companies there will be fixed amount of Pay. This bonous is given by the companies because of sending them a suitable candidate for the Job.

Q: Can a Referral refer any number of Students?
A: The Answer for this Question is both YES and NO. It all depends on the company. Some companies allows employees to refer as many candidates as they can, and some companies restrict.

Q: Will I get any Edge if i referred by a referral? Will it improve my chance of getting a Job?
A: To be Frank NO. this will not increase your chance of getting a job. If any politics is involved then you can get a job. But In most companies you’ll not get any edge unless you are referred by senior employess like Project Manger. If you are referred by a normal employee who completed just 1 or 2 years in the organization then you’ll not any edge, Please remeber this. However, there are some exceptions to this based on the company. Some companies will exempt the candidate from Written test, he will be forwarded directly to Second Round.

Q: What will i finally get if I’m referred?
A: All you will get is a chance to attend the Interview. This is not a small thing. Thousands of students are waiting for the oppurtunity to get a Interview chance and you’ve got it because of your referral. So, Please make best use of it.

Q: Will the above mentioned procedure is same in all companies?
A: The Answer for this Question is NO. This procedure varies from company to company. I’ve wrote this article with my experience and exposure. If any of your familymember/friend sees this article and says that this procedure is different, he is true since he’s working in that company, he’ll be aware of this process better than me because I’ve not been to all the companies to get you the exact procedure followed by every company. I’ve just given you a rough idea on how this procedure works.

I think I’ve covered everything on “How to get Job through Employee Reference”, If i missed anything, please inform me through comments, I’ll be happy to assist you.

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44 Responses to "How to get Job through Employee Reference in TOP IT Companies"

  1. does it works for the freshers also? means if a person who is working in the company for 7 or 8 years and that person is referring a fresher,then will it work?

        1. Hello Piya, I’m not sure. I think they can’t refer. You should complete your graduatoin to get the reference. Anyway, I’m not sure about this, ask your relatives to contact the HR team, they will inform you the exact details.

      1. sir,

        I completed my m tech in embedded system with 74% in 2011 but i completed my btech in 2007 i have worked for a 2 years as a testing engineer.Now i want to apply as a fresher.I hv 3 years gap of 2 years job and 1 year i had done long term.Pls can u help me to which i can apply.I hv 60% throught.

        1. Hello Padmalatha, For Experienced Test Engineers, there are hundreds of vacancies out there, If you’re interested you can apply for them. If you want to apply as a fresher then you will not be able to apply for TOP MNC’s because, Companies don’t expect a gap of 3 year in their academic career.

  2. sir, how can i get ref of any employee means i don’t have any relatives or friends in any of mnc then what should i do for getting ref???? plz tell me sir

    1. Hello Ashu, If there are no relatives or friends who can help you then you cannot any reference, You need to try with your academic credentials itself.

    1. Hello Saikiran, It all depends upon the relation between you and the HR. Mostly YES, If HR is close to you. But, You’ll have a formal Interview which is not a eliminator.

  3. sir, i have got 77.08% in 10th, 67.50 in 12th and 59 % aggregate in B.E – Computer Engineering.
    So for which type of companies in general should i apply for / i am eligible. please stste me names of some companies so that i accelarate my chances of getting an interview call.

  4. Hello Friend,
    my brother work in capgemini and uncle in citi bank. .when i ask my brother he refer but i not get any call … i have search for job 1.5 yrs. i m Badly need a job in IT to support my family and me .i have 77% in BE(ECE), 84% in 10th and 12th ..
    If u have any friends plz help me to get a job….

  5. My relative is Senior consultant in TCS. Can i get job through his recommendation? i have also done internship in TCS as part of my academic engagements. My point of concern is eligibility criteria in which i am not fitting so i will not be able attend off campus drive.

      1. but i have done 6 months internship in TCS, will it make an edge???
        i have above 65% in 10th, Graduation and in MCA too, just my 12th marks always comes and haunts me.

        1. Without 60% atleast in 12th, You’re not eligible for TCS. Yes, Your Internship will get you edge when compared to others, but only when you have eligibility.

  6. Do intern in TCS have chance to get permanent employment after completion of the internship
    or they have to pass through general campus/offcampus recruitment process ????

      1. Thank you sir.
        Is there any IT companies who provides internship as well as job??? I am currently a Mca student from Mumbai University.

        1. If you perform very well in the interview and if the company has a recruitment then you’ll get the job, you’ll need to clear all the rounds once again though. No Company Promises the job after internship.


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